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Tran Manh Cuong is presenting his demo software “VietDe – the very first operation system environment developed in Vietnam” in the Creation Contest for Adolescents and Young Children of Nghe An Province, year 2016.

Tran Manh Cuong is presenting his demo software “VietDe – the very first operation system environment developed in Vietnam” in the Creation Contest for Adolescents and Young Children of Nghe An Province, year 2016.

Surpassing 42 other candidates in the Creation Contest for Adolescents and Young children of Nghe An Province year of 2016, Tran Manh Cuong, the 11th grader from Anh Son 2 High-school, has won the Special prize for his VietDe project – the first-ever interactive operating environment to be developed in Vietnam.

Having great passion for computer science since his early age, Tran Manh Cuong – now a student of Anh Son 2 High-school (Anh Son district, Nghe An province), has obtained himself many prestigious awards in the field of computer programming.  


Since primary school, Manh Cuong has showed his great interest in computer: “I learned to use and then fell in love with computers since grade 5. When I became an 8th grader, I started to discover the computer’s functions, learned to code and install downloaded software on the machine.”   

Realizing Cuong’s talent in computer programming, his parents and teachers at schools have tried their best to create favorable conditions for him to further study computer science and stimulate his creativity.

Ultimately, Cuong’s VietDe software has been introduced and considered a genuine and innovative product in Vietnam. This software was categorized in Daily life Applications and designed to work on multiple mobile platforms including smart-phones and tablets. VietDe software integrates various functions which help users to utilize the system’s resources, such as learning English through songs, inputting functions to quickly draw graphs as well as sharing and finding math functions.      

Regarding this unique software product, Mr. Tran Thanh Hiep from Information Technology Division of Nghe An Department of Education & Training confirmed: “VietDe operating system has a great business potential as it was written in Core Linux, which supports connection with hardware devices. Besides, the data can be easily and quickly transmitted via LAN network or using Internet connection. On the other hand, this operating system is designed for Vietnamese users and effectively secured with cryptographic MD5 algorithm.”     

Mr. Nguyen Phuong Ngoc, the first Vietnamese Champion of Imagine Cup 2005 (the Microsoft’s Algorithm Prize held in Japan) and currently a member of Coc Coc Vietnam, commented: “This  is a creation reflecting true national pride, hence we should promote further development of such products boosting our country’s information technology industry. We will also find ways to support the developer in completing his product.”      


The software interface was designed similarly to that of Window so that users could quickly adapt to it.

“15 years ago, the Vietkey Linux project – one “Made-in-Vietnam” operating system has made a splash when it was first introduced. Despite lack of efficiency, Vietkey Linux still marked a milestone in the developmental progress of Vietnam IT sector. Since then, we have strived for such revolutionary made-in-Vietnam creations, and witnessed the introduction of many of those meeting domestic demand and international standards, proving that Vietnamese IT products were not at all underperformed by foreign rivals.” – said Cuong.   

 “My project VietDe is a genuine Vietnamese project, the very first virtual working environment developed in Vietnam. This is not a distribution of Linux and not used for exploiting apps and software in Linux, but more similar to Android, Mac, ChromeOS or FirefoxOS… those using Linux kenel to handle process and manage hardware. In terms of software, VietDe is completely independent with other Linux Graphic App.” – he added.

With his outstanding creation, Tran Manh Cuong took the honor to be one in eight Nghe An candidates to attend the National Creation Contest for Adolescents and Young Children in Hanoi by the end of August 2016. He is also one in four students of Nghe An to participate in the National Informatics and Creation Contest for the Youth held in Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province in early August. 

In 3 consecutive years (from 2014-2016), Tran Manh Cuong has continuously introduced his highly-applicable software products, including Mtcsuite, Mtcsuite – lockdownapp, MtcstudyOS – the management system for study applications as well as VietDe – the so-called “first-ever operating environment in Vietnam”.

Anh Son 2 High-school takes great pride in its brilliant student who has achieved numerous prizes for his creative software and applications. In 2014, Mtcsuit brought Cuong 1st prize and 2nd prize in the Nghe An Informatics Contest XX and Nghe An Creation Contest for Adolescents and Young Children respectively. Attending these two contests in the following year (2015), Mtcsuit-lockdownapp continued to gain its owner new victory with a pair of first and second position. MtcstudyOS – the management system of study applications won 1st prize in Nghe An Science-Technology Contest 2016, before the outstanding VietDe – the very first Vietnamese operating environment, made great splash with 1st prize in Nghe An Informatics Contest XXII for the Youth and Special Prize in the province’s Creation Contest for Adolescents and Young Children 2016.   

Author: Dang Thu Ngoc
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