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Prof. Phan Huy Le (source: the Internet)

Prof. Phan Huy Le (source: the Internet)

Prof. Phan Huy Le – a leading expert in history and currently Chairman of the Vietnam Association of Historical Sciences (VASH), has a special capacity to gather and mobilize people and strengthen all relationships, thus creating a new impetus for the construction and growth of the VASH.

Prof. Phan Huy Le granted vusta.vn reporter an interview about the achievements he and the VASH have had in recent years.

Regarding some achievements of the Association in the 2010 -2015 period, Prof. Phan Huy Le said he has been elected Chairman of the VASH Central Executive Committee for four tenures since the second VASH Congress in 1988.

In the fourth tenure (2010 – 2015), he and the Executive Committee further develop the Association organization in the national scale. So far the Association has had 32 member associations at provincial/ municipal level, three specialized associations and 21 branches of central historical training and research bodies. The Association has really become a social organization of Vietnamese historians and present in many areas of expertise and in critical areas of the country.

Based on the gathered force, the Association has promoted its activities on all aspects, particularly the development of Vietnam history, dissemination of knowledge of history and traditions, implementation of social criticism over issues relating to history, including conservation of national cultural heritage, implementation of research on some topics to serve political tasks, especially the task of protecting the national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

In addition, the VASH has also organized many workshops to give comments on radical and comprehensive innovation of the education of Vietnam, focusing on redressing the weaknesses in historical teaching of general education.

In response to VASH’s proposal, the Government has assigned Prof. Phan Huy Le to lead two Social Science projects at national level, namely the Research Scheme on "Formation and development process of the Southern region” which was assessed outstanding with a score of 98/100 and voted as one of the 10 scientific and technological events in 2011 by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Scheme of “Research on and compilation of Vietnam history collection”. The national history collection is required to consist of 25 volumes on Vietnam history and 5 volumes of event chronicle to be completed in 2014 - 2018 period.

Prof. Phan Huy Le has also served as key leaders, members of many national councils such as the National Steering Board on compilation of Encyclopedia, the National Scientific and Technological Policy Council, the Central Theoretical Council, the Science and Training Council of Hanoi National University, the State Academic Council, the Ho Chi Minh Prize and State Prize Council and the National Cultural Heritage Council.

He was bestowed the title of Professor of History (1980), Meritorious Teacher (1988), People's Teacher (1994) and awarded with Resistance Medal, Second Class (1985), Labor Medal, First Class (1998), Second Class (1994), Third Class (1974, 2012); the State Prize (2000), Fukuoka International Asian Culture Prize, Japan (1996), Academy Palm Medal by the French government (2002), Excellent Citizen of the Capital (2010), the Prime Minister's Certificate of Merit (2012), and Francophonie Honor Award (2014).

Above all, the name, talent and personality of Prof. Phan Huy Le have become idealistic and legendary, the pride and shining example for generations of students and colleagues in the country and in the world.

Prof. Phan Huy Le was born on February 23, 1934 in Thu Hoach village, now belonging to Thach Chau commune, Loc Ha district, Ha Tinh province, which is a civilized countryside of the Nghe region. He is a descendant of Minister, Diplomat Phan Huy Ich, Scientist Phan Huy Chu, and Minister – Culturist Phan Huy Vinh. His father is Phan Huy Tung (1878-?) (Huiyuan and Tanhua Tong Jinshi in 1913 examination), a Director of Ministry of Justice under the Nguyen Dynasty. His mother is a member of Cao Xuan family which is famous for academic tradition with the celebrities such as Cao Xuan Duc, Cao Xuan Tieu, and Cao Xuan Huy.

In 1956, after graduation, he was retained as internship assistant at the Faculty of History of Hanoi General University under the guidance of renowned Professor Dao Duy Anh. Just two years later, the young teacher Phan Huy Le was assigned as the Head of Vietnam’s Ancient - Middle Age History and constantly holds this responsibility in dozen years. The life of Professor Phan Huy Le is associated with Hanoi because this is not only the place where he has lived but also he has dedicated his love and devoted all his life to the cause of research and protection of historical – cultural heritages of Thang Long - Hanoi.

Professor Phan Huy Le has been the Chairman of VASH since 1988. He participates and directs most of the scientific and training programs of the Central Association as well as local and professional associations, caring for every step of maturity of each member.

He has a special capacity to gather people and strengthen all relationships, thus creating a new impetus for the construction and growth of the VASH.

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