Vietnam Bridge and Road Association: promote the work of social consultancy and evaluation

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Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Long – The Vice President of Vietnam Bridge and Road Association

Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Long – The Vice President of Vietnam Bridge and Road Association

Vietnam Bridge and Road Association (the Association) was established in 1994 with the function and task of social consultancy, evaluation and technical services. The Association has been developing constantly, and its consultancy and evaluation are the top priority.

Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Long – the Vice President of Vietnam Bridge and Road Association said to that in recent years the Association or the experts of the Association have participated in many new technologies applied to the field of bridge construction such as auger-cast piles with long diameter, casting cantilever bridge with prestressed concrete bridge with large span; casting technology to build prestressed concrete bridge continuously; technology of building cable-stayed bridge with large span, fabrication of steel beams span and steel box beam structure; bridge with combined arch system; foundation treatment with new and advanced technologies; design and construction of highways and others. Due to the efforts of the parties, consultancy divisions, contractors, and management agencies of the Ministry of Transport have controlled the technologies in a short time, created many outstanding works recognized by the community and society.

In recent years, the Ministry of Transport and State verification and acceptance councils have required the Association to join in many large projects such as Ben Luc - Long Thanh highway, Sai Gon - Long Thanh - Dau Giay highway, Long Thanh airport, Long Bien new bridge project on Yen Vien - Ngoc Hoi railway, the project of building and expanding National way 1 and national way 4 through Central Highland, etc. Many opinions with high quality of the Association contributed to the success of the projects. Take the proposal of “Basic design review” for the project of expanding national ways no. 1 and no. 4 at the first stage of the project approved by the Ministry of Transport as an example. It helps to save nearly 14,000 billion dongs as technical methods are appropriate with higher quality. For another example, the leading experts of the Association participated in "the Council of reviewing the decision to remove old bridges" established by the Ministry of Transport for the past years and advised the Ministry to suspend the dismantlement of nearly 100 bridges to continue exploiting of total 230 bridges proposed for removal, saving about 3,000 billion dongs, said Dr. Long.

In addition, for special technical issues, the Ministry also asked the Association to give out good ideas to solve quickly problems such as slipping deep in location km 83, Noi Bai – Lao Cai National Highway; verification of the basic design of Sai Dong interchange at phase 2 (belt road no. 3 and current national highway no. 5); or the crack on the bridge of package J2, Ben Luc - Long Thanh highway, the problem of sinking wheel on asphaltic concrete roads.

The Association was also invited by the authorities of some provinces and cities to join in councils of architectural judges for many bridge works or to verify urban bridge projects. The ideas of the Association are considered by the competent agencies before decision and approval.


The 2-end intersection of Nhat Tan Bridge is one of the projects that the Association joined in social consultancy and evaluation with the Ministry of Transport

In 2016 and 2017, the Association assigned its experts to join in the National Assembly's supervision delegation on the BOT traffic projects. The experts’ reports were appreciated and recognized by the delegation. Many contents of those reports were included in the report of the delegation to send to the National Assembly Standing Committee. The delegation also proposed the National Assembly to include it into the drafting of the PPP public and private cooperation law and legal issues of BOT project implementation for the Government’s timely adjustment.

As the capital structure for implementation of traffic construction projects is changing much, under which the State budget capital will decrease, while direct investment and social mobilization will increase, the Association has to pay more attention to the judgment of mechanisms and policies in investment management for projects implemented with different finance sources, including the type of public - private partnership projects.

Dr. Long added, currently the work of social consultancy and evaluation is one of the main functions of the Association, but there are still some shortcomings. First, the human resources of the Association include mainly retired experts who are experienced but not young and limited by health issues and time. Second, the access to information is limited, mainly from social media channels or exchanges with current colleagues. Third, many good and true opinions are difficult to be accepted due to differences in time and contents between the leader’s plans and issues. Fourth, most of the contents of judgment are not supported with finance due to policies. Such mentioned above restrictions really affect the enthusiasm of many experts of the Association to propose ideas and take part in.

In addition, the Association also has given out some recommendations to the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations such as strengthening training courses and propagating documents on skills of social consultancy and evaluation to the Association's experts; assisting the Association in judgment for large and important projects or proposals on mechanisms and policies as requested; generalizing and evaluating situations early to organize workshops on social consultancy and evaluation of professional associations in Vietnam's conditions.

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