VUSTA strengthens ties with Korean Professional Engineer Association

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VUSTA Vice President Nghiem Vu Khai and KPEA Vice President Chang Woo Kim

VUSTA Vice President Nghiem Vu Khai and KPEA Vice President Chang Woo Kim

On November 29th, 2017, the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) has sent a delegation to the Republic of Korea within the framework of cooperation with Korean partners.

During a meeting with the Korean Professional Engineer Association (KPEA), Mr. Chang Woo Kim, KPEA Executive Vice President shared with VUSTA Vice President Nghiem Vu Khai and Vice President cum Secretary General Pham Van Tan about the implementation of Korea’s Professional Engineer Act.

According to Mr. Chang Woo Kim, there are three agencies responsible for engineering registration in Korea. The Ministry of Science and Technology is in charge of the management and registration of professional engineers; the Ministry of Employment and Labor is in charge of the operation of the national system of quality technicians, organization of examinations and issuance of national certificates; other agencies regulate the use of professional manpower in accordance with the law. The KPEA is authorized to provide continuing professional training courses for registered engineers, assess and issue certification of professional engineers.

In order to be registered, a professional engineer will have to complete 90-hour training course in five years, of which at least eight hours are on ethics and technical safety, 32 on the specialized subjects and 50 on professional activities such as participation in workshops, writing scientific reports…

Registered engineer must hold a degree with at least four years of experience. They should have professional ethics and certification of continuous training. They also have to pay a tuition fee for the course. The professional engineer certificate is valid for 5 years, after that the completion of another course and re-registration is needed.



According to Mr. Chang Woo Kim, in Korea engineers are respected and well paid for their contribution to Korea’s development in recent years. He proposed that as VUSTA plans to initiate the draft Law on Professional Engineers, it is important to learn from good examples and avoid the limitations of Korea’s Professional Engineers Act to create favorable conditions for professional engineers.

Dr. Nghiem Vu Khai expressed his thanks to Mr. Chang and KPEA for their hospitality as well as their information, which he said is very useful for VUSTA in proposing a similar law in Vietnam in the future.

KPEA is an organization which represents Korea’s engineering organizations and mobilizes professional engineers in the country. They are empowered by the Ministry of Science and Technology to registration and management of professional engineers. KPEA is a member of the APEC Engineer Agreements and the International Association of Professional Engineers.

Every year, The KPEA certifies about 200 professional engineers and initiates an international professional registration program to improve the quality of local engineers as well as to enhance their competitiveness.

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