VUSTA promotes international cooperation in science and technology

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VUSTA promotes international cooperation in science and technology

April 24, 2017 – Dr. Nghiem Vu Khai, Vice President received Mr. Dale Fenn, the US Embassy representative for science, technology and health at VUSTA’s office.

At the meeting, the Vice President highlighted the role of VUSTA representing Vietnam's intellectuals and scientists in performing important functions such as scientific research, technology transfer, and social consultancy to the important programs and policies of the State as well as disseminating scientific and technological knowledge, organizing prizes and contests aiming to facilitate scientific research movements amongst stakeholders and international exchange in Vietnam.

Also, Dr. Khai expressed the good impressions of his recent working visit to the United States in 2016. In spite of facing challenges, there are potentials for development for Vietnamese scientists and professionals, especially the juniors who had been trained abroad. Therefore, the Vietnam – US Science and Technology Exchange shall bring along great opportunities and reciprocal benefits for the two nations.  Mr. Dale Fenn suggested the VUSTA to share the list of its affiliated and affiliated organizations and the US embassy would be willing to consult, facilitate networking US and Vietnam counterparts in the near future. The both parties agreed to facilitate further professional exchange between the scientific communities of the two countries in the future, especially in the areas of oceanography, tropical medicine, environment, climate change response and sea level rise.


Author: Nguyen Thanh Hai
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