VUSTA held a seminar to comment on the strategy for sustainable development of marine economy

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Overview of the workshop

Overview of the workshop

On June 20, 2019 in Hanoi, Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) organized a consultation workshop on the draft plan of the Government to implement the Party’s Resolution 36/NQ-TW on the Strategy for the sustainable development of Vietnam’s marine economy until 2030 with a vision until 2045. Dr. Sc Nghiem Vu Khai, Vice President of VUSTA, member of National Assembly and Dr. Ta Dinh Thi, Director General of the Vietnam Administration of Seas and Islands, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment co-chaired the workshop.

Speaking at the workshop, Dr. Sc Nghiem Vu Khai affirmed Resolution No. 36 of the Central Committee is an important legal document, shows vision and aspiration of a country having great potential for marine economic development. Vietnam possesses territorial water of ​​nearly one million square kilometers, 3 times of its land area, more than 3000 islands, and nearly 50% of the country's population are living in the 28 coastal cities and provinces. After reviewing Resolution 09-NQ/TW dated February 9, 2007 on the Vietnam's Sea Strategy until to 2020 of the Central Committee (term X), Resolution 36-NQ/TW was issued on October, 22, 2018. The consultation workshop organized by VUSTA aiming to collect opinions of scientists and experts in the VUSTA system contributing to the Government’s Master Plan and the 5-year Plan (2021-2025) to implement this Resolution 36. It also serves as the forum for both parties VUSTA and VASI to discuss coordination methods and activities on mobilizing the participation of social-professional organizations and scientific and technological organizations in the VUSTA system to implement Resolution 36 and the Action Plan.

Dr. Ta Dinh Thi highly appreciated VUSTA’s proactive participation and contribution including scientists, experts and organizations in reviewing Resolution 09, building Resolution 36 and developing action Plan. He also emphasized that the VASI highly respects to the valuable comments contributed at the seminar.

Professor La Ngoc Khue, Vietnam Shipbuilding Industry Association, former Deputy Minister of Transport, said that the core of the marine economy is a synchronous and modern marine infrastructure associated with the marine industries such as shipbuilding, logistics, oil and gas exploitation. The construction of a synchronous and modern marine infrastructure is the most important factor to help other industries to develop.

Prof. Assoc. Dr. Le Bo Linh, former Deputy General Secretary of the National Assembly affirmed that Vietnam needs a national vision of strong marine-based economy as the spirit of the late General Vo Nguyen Giap spoke at the First marine science conference in 1977 that to become a powerful marine nation, it had to base on three key pillars including a powerful maritime economy, robust marine security and defense and strong marine science and technology. According to Mr. Le Bo Linh one of the breakthroughs in Resolution 36 is to highly value on the role of science and technology. Therefore, in the implementation plan of the Government, it is essential to thoroughly grasp the spirit of Resolution 36 and General Vo Nguyen Giap's perspective on above 3 pillars.

Participants at the seminar highly appreciated the Government's determination and the role of MONRE and VASI in the process of building and completing the Plan. It is said that the Plan sticks to views, objectives and solutions set out in Resolution 36. However, further clarifications should be made as follows:

Firstly, it is necessary to strengthen the role, coordination and participation of non-state sectors including scientific organizations, social organizations, social-professional organizations, private enterprises and community in implementing the tasks set out in the Plan and Strategy.

Secondly, it needs to clearly identify resources, mechanisms to mobilize resources, policies to attract domestic and foreign investors for marine economic infrastructure development associated with security and defense and response to climate change.

Thirdly, in order to implement the Plan, it requires a great attention of the Government, legal basic and guidance as well as resources. Therefore, the Government needs to submit to the National Assembly for consideration and decision on investment policies and special mechanisms to implement projects that is of national importance stated in the Plan.

Fourthly, for the investment projects set out in the Plan, there is a necessity to add budget item for scientific and technological activities as prescribed in Article 46 of the Law on Science and Technology in 2013; ensuring the participation of organizations, experts and scientists on consultation, monitoring and evaluation as the spirit of the Party on enhancing socialization and the participation of people and communities.

Fifthly, the inter-sectoral coordinating agency referred to in Section I. Part C of the Plan should be strengthened and consolidated in terms of organization, resources and authority to well implement this important role.

On behalf of the VASI, Mr. Ta Dinh Thi received and explained some comments of the delegates, and acknowledged and appreciated the enthusiasm and responsibility of VUSTA scientists. He affirmed that the VASI will continue to work more closely with VUSTA in the Plan implementation process, especially the program of coordinating research, consultancy and policy monitoring on marine science and technology; supports VUSTA to hold annual forum on science & technology and sustainable marine economic development.

On his closing remarks, Dr. Sc. Nghiem Vu Khai, on behalf of the collective of scientists and experts of VUSTA, thanked the Director General and officials of the VASI for attending, exchanging and receiving ideas and opinions. He also stressed that with the responsibility of the socio-political organization representing for the scientific and technological intelligentsia, VUSTA will actively and proactively coordinate with the VASI in implementing Resolution 36 and the Government's Plan.

Author: Author: Duong Thi Nga, Deputy Director General of VUSTA’s Department for International Cooperation
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