VUSTA commented on the Draft Decree on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of Vietnam

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Scene of the workshop

Scene of the workshop

On September 25th, in Hanoi, VUSTA organized the workshop titled “Contributing ideas to the Draft Decree of the Government stipulating the roadmap and methods for participating in Greenhouse gas emission reduction activities”.

The collection of comments on the Draft Decree is ongoing to facilitate the completion of the decree by the Department of Climate Change to submit to the Government. The Decree, after promulgated, will address issues resulted from the current situation and requirements for reduction of greenhouse gas emission, as well as the implementation of Vietnam’s international commitments on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from now to 2030.


Mr. Tran Ha Ninh, member of Drafting Committee presented the Draft Decree

According Mr. Tran Ha Ninh, member of the Drafting Committee, under the mandatory roadmap of Vietnam by 2030, the required level of GHG emission reduction is at least 8%, even encouraged to reach 25% if supported by international organizations. The above reduction level is allocated into the sectors which are considered the main sources of such emissions including energy, waste management, agriculture, land use, land-use conversion and forestry.


Mr. Dam Manh Tien – Central Institute for Natural Resources and Environmental Studies

At the workshop, scientists gave their comments on the Draft Decree. According to the delegates, in general, the Draft Decree consisted of comprehensive contents related to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. However, the provisions thereof showed that the Draft aimed at only implementation but not cover all strategic viewpoints and policies in response to climate change expressed in the Law on Environmental Protection and other relevant documents of the Party and State.


Prof. Dr. Truong Quang Hoc – Vietnam National University, Hanoi

Many delegates commented that the Draft Decree showed Vietnam’s commitment to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, which therefore is necessary to show, with demonstrating figures, the actual need for reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in line with Vietnam’s reality. This helps us not to be misguided by foreign support that aims at boosting consumption of energy efficiency and other technological products. The Draft Decree should clarify the role of the State in managing the implementation of emission reduction roadmap and fulfillment of international loan commitments.


Mr. Le Van Trinh – Chairman of Vietnam Occupational Safety and Health Association

According to the delegates, the Draft Decree was in short of methodological elements and has not properly assessed the roles of non-public organizations. Some contents thereof are still cumbersome and messy such as those in Article 7. The Draft Decree should only show key principles and regulations on GHG inventory and measurement; circulars will then be issued to identify which producers and service providers should be inspected and measured in term of GHG, and who is responsible for conducting the inspection and measurement.


Vice President of VUSTA, Member of the 14th National Assembly chaired the workshop and gave his closing speech

The Leaders of VUSTA, Vice Chairman and the Member of the 14th National Assembly welcomed the comments at the workshop and stated that it is the first time Vietnam has a legal document on the method and roadmap for reduction of Greenhouse gas emission, so it is inevitable to face difficulties and complicated issues. VUSTA is preparing an official recommendation letter gathering the comments of scientists to send the Drafting Committee who finalize the Decree that make it more feasible and actionable document to submit the Government.

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