Thua Thien Hue province: students created multifunctional “mosquito catching lamps”

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It is a mosquito catching lamp made from recycled materials combined with optical and chemical effects by Nguyen Quang Tue and Le Thanh Dat, the students of grade 11, Gia Hoi High School, Hue city.

Nguyen Quang Tue said it is a familiar tool made from available materials, can catch mosquitoes, and is used as a lovely lamp. It helps to avoid troubles and some diseases transferred by mosquitoes, to save money and to contribute to environmental protection.

From that creative idea and with the advice of Mr. Nguyen Minh Luan, the members of the New Creative Club, New Sion Club, the two young students made plan, managed to find out measures, and completed the product in 4 months.

According to Le Thanh Dat, the lamp body is made from unused plastic box or plastic bottle. It is very difficult for that material to get decomposed in soil, but it has long durability with many different designs and forms. It is also easy to scatter light so it can create good products and reduce the amount of waste. The lamp body has many small holes to enhance the suction power of blades, from computers or broken machines on the lamp body. Therefore, mosquitoes can be easily taken into and stuck in the body lamp. They cannot move due to a liquid.

Optical effect is applied to create the mosquito attracting function of green LED light. The light positioned above the blades will attract mosquitoes and take them into the lamp body by the blades. The solution prepared from basic ingredients such as coke, baking soda, brown sugar, vinegar, and others creates an amount of CO2 to attract mosquitoes better than other substances in the market. Such solution does not affect human’s health any at all. Mosquitoes can be attracted even if they are 35 meters away from the CO2 source.

According to Prof. Dr. Tran Huu Dang, the President of the Thua Thien Hue Union of Science and Technology Associations, this invention is a very creative work. This creative product has been tried in several households in Nam Dong District, A Luoi District with very good results. Users highly appreciate the product and 83% of them want to have or make a similar product to decorate and protect their houses from mosquitoes. The product is cheap (about VND 10,000 - 15,000, only 1/10 of the price of the available prices on the market). It is small and compact with simple structure, easy for replacement and repair. This project won the third prize of the Provincial Children and Youth Creativity Contest in 2018.

Author: Ho Thanh
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