The necessity of widespread applying scientific and technological achievements in everyday life

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President of VIFOTEC Dang Vu Minh delivers the opening speech

President of VIFOTEC Dang Vu Minh delivers the opening speech

This is the issuegiven to discuss in the conference of "Science, Technology and Innovation serves the cause ofindustrialization and modernization of the country" took place on 9th August, 2018 in Viet Tri City (Phu Tho). The conference was organized in collaboration with the Vietnam fund for supporting technological creations (VIFOTEC), the Central Commission for Propaganda and Training, Ministry of Science and Technology and Phu Tho Provincial People's Committee.

Attending the seminar were Prof. Dr. Sc. Dang Vu Minh, President of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) - President of VIFOTEC, Mr. Ha Ke San, Vice Chairman of Phu Tho People's Committee, representatives of the Central Commission for Propaganda and Training, National Office of Intellectual Property (Ministry of Science and Technology), representatives from 63 local unions, science and technology organizations, entrepreneurs and scientists, creators in the whole country. This is a traditional platform for meeting, exchanging and sharing experience on the wide application of research results into production and life.


Overview of the conference

In the past 23 years, VIFOTEC has attracted 2,477 works participating in the competition, of which 808 works won different awards. Winning products have been applied in manufacturing, brought about broader socio and economic benefits, contributed to boosting the production, increased productivity andquality, reduced costs, allowed import substitution and saved foreign currency. Thousands of scientists and creators were honored in different events and ceremonies, of which a number of authors were granted the Certificate of Merit of the Prime Minister and many outstanding works were also granted with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).


Vice Chairman of Phu Tho People's Committee - Mr. Ha Ke San delivers welcomed speech

Workshop participants agreed that during the past years, leaders at all levels from central to localities have paid attention to research and application as well as science and technology innovations and more important they have created favourable conditions to develop widely the above factors.

Thorough and professional preparation as seen the factors to make the Contests and Competitions more and more popular and prestigious, engaged a large number of scientists and people's participation, appreciated and valued by the society. This platform sets standards on fairness and transparency which motivated and honored scientists and innovators of the whole country.

The number of works participating in the contest has been increased. Organizing board at provincial level received thousands of solutions every year, of which winning works will be chosen to compete at national level. The Contest also recognized the diversification of contestants, from scientists and technicians to farmers and workers.


Dr. Pham Van Tan, Vice President of VUSTA and Vice President of VIFOTECspeaks at the conference

The quality of works has also been improved. Many works and solutions have been widely applied in production and life, brought economic – social efficiency for the country. The number of localities having the Organizing Committee and organizing the contest has also increased, from 33 to 53 provinces and cities. Some provinces established Organizing Board at district level. The organization of the contest in localities became professional. The permanent office of the competition operated regularly and achieved more experiences in organizing the contest. The award ceremony was held in a manner that respect and honor the scientists and creators. This encouraged them to eagerly participate at all levels.

In addition, the effective coordination of agencies such as Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, Vietnam General Confederation of Labor and Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union promoted the development of the contest. Particularly the Ministry of Finance issued Circular No. 27/2018/TT - BTC (replaced Circular 52/2007/TT-BTC) on regulating the financial system for organizing activities of the children and youth creativity contest which allowed better financial conditions for implementing the contest.

Circular No. 27 is a key legal basis in the implementation of the financial items of contests and competitions in which cost norms for awarded works are doubled in comparison to Circular No. 52. It provides a great value and motivation to encourage scientists, creators, and young people to actively participate in creative activities. However, besides the state budget, it is a necessity to receive donation from enterprises, other organizations and individual donators for the awards contest.


Mr Le Dang Tho – Director of VIFOTEC

The wide spread implementation and duplication of the results of the winning projects present a number of challenges, such as lack of appropriate mechanisms for protecting innovations, a system of scientific and technological services and intellectual property as a bridge between scientists and businesses in order to bring scientific research products into life, capital; low market share, Vietnamese consumers prefer imported products, fundraising is increasingly difficult because of the competition of the various funds and enterprises themselves face a range of challenges in manufacturing and trading activities themselves. This is especially true for provinces. Some localities are allocated quite limited budget from the state while it requires a bigger budget size for the implementation of the contest at grassroots and the hiring costs of experts to evaluate works and solutions.

In some localities the communication and mobilization of organizations, individuals and authors participating at all levels appears limited in terms of proper method and professional training as well as the guidance are not yet enough specific and understandable. The members of the Organizing Committee are usually part-time people therefore they are focusing on their main job and spending limited time and efforts on active implementation of the contest.


Deputy Director of the National Office of Intellectual Property - Mr. Le Ngoc Lan

Also at the workshop, participants discussed on topics such as the effectiveness of  communication, dissemination and guidance to every people from grassroots level on all contents of the Contests and Competitions; gave recommendations for the effective implementation of the communication; shared practical experience in the wide application of awarded works and solutions in production and life; raised pros and cons as well as recommendations to the State on the policies and mechanisms, example of capital lending to expand production and consumption of products of winning projects; talked about the adoption of the policy to encourage the consumption of the domestic products which can be a replacement of imported ones but competitive prices and quality equivalent and the approach of loans from the Science and Technology Development Fund for the broadly scaled application of the successful researches which were invested by enterprises themselves.


All specific recommendations made by the delegates at the seminar aim to contribute to the amendments and supplements of existing policies in order to serve better the application of scientific and technological achievements in manufacturing and life and to improve the organization of the contest.

Some photos of the conference:


Welcome performance for the delegates


Conference co-chairmen: Mr. Ha Ke San - Vice Chairman of the Phu Tho People's Committee, Prof. Dr. Sc. Dang Vu Minh - President of VUSTA and Mr. Le Ngoc Lan - Deputy Director General of the National Office of Intellectual Property (left to right).


Prof. Dang Vu Minh - President of VIFOTEC awards the Certificate of Merit by the Prime Minister to excellent individuals.


Dr. Pham Van Tan - Vice President of VIFOTEC and Vice President cum Secretary General of VUSTA presents the flags to units with excellent achievements in popularizing, communicating and organizing Contests and Competitions.


Dr. Phan Tung Mau and Dr. Sc. Nghiem Vu Khai - Vice President of VUSTA award flags for units with excellent achievements in popularizing, communicating and organizing Contests and Competitions.


Prof. Dang Vu Minh awards medals of Vietnam Science and Technology cause for individuals


President of Phu Tho Union hands over circulated-flag for the representative of Ba Ria - Vung Tau Union, the host of the conference in 2019.


Representative of Ba Ria - Vung Tau Union expresses his opinions after receiving circulated-flag


The delegation commemorates the Hung Kings at Hung Kings Temple - Phu Tho on the day before the conference started.

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