The 5th conference of Central Council of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (term VII)

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President Dang Vu Minh delivers the opening speech

President Dang Vu Minh delivers the opening speech

On March 29 in Hanoi, the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) held the 5th Central Council conference (term VII). Prof. Dr. Sc Dang Vu Minh, the President of the VUSTA presided over the event. Attending the conference were representatives of ministries, central agencies and 161/182 members of the Central Council.

Giving a report at the conference, Vice President cum Secretary General of VUSTA, Dr. Pham Van Tan reviewed 2018 activities and mentioned key tasks in 2019 on a series issues including political and ideological work, the implementation of the Party's resolutions and directives, organizational strengthen and development, activities of social consultancy and evaluation, communication and knowledge dissemination, science, technology and environment, international cooperation, the direction and administration work of the Presidium and activities of the Inspection Committee.

The report showed that, in the context of changes in the social and economic situation of Vietnam and the world, the VUSTA has achieved many significant achievements, contributed to the renovation and social and economic development of the country. The leaders of the VUSTA has led and managed to overcome difficulties in all fields of activity, actively working with the leaders of the Provincial Party Committee, People's Committees of provinces and cities at local and leaders of agencies at central to learn provincial unions’ real and specific situation in order to find out the solutions to solve problems they have been facing. Thereby significantly improved the quality of activities of national professional associations and provincial unions.


Dr.  Pham Van Tan reports on the 2018 activity summary and the 2019 key tasks of VUSTA

In addition, the leaders of the VUSTA has worked with political and social organizations and proposed to the Politburo specific recommendations on some issues directly related to the organization and operation of the VUSTA.

In 2019, the VUSTA continues to implement the assigned tasks, more attention have been paid to the key tasks which serve the development and strengthening the coordination between the VUSTA and its member associations. The VUSTA has built a scheme of organizational structure and operation and submitted it to the Secretariat, now waiting for the approval. Improving the quality of information in the press agencies under VUSTA system, developing a plan for press planning and enhancing activities of press and publishing are also focused on. Implementing its function is to support members in the implementation of their specific tasks including the dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge, application science and technology into life and production is one priority. Another priorities is to maintain and develop the creative science and technology activity, award and honoring intellectuals events, build a summary record of the results of activities of the VUSTA and its member associations within the last term. The VUSTA pursues advocacy for the formulation and promulgation of the Law on Professional Engineering Practices and the Law on Dissemination of Knowledge. It also mobilizes related member associations to participate in the Vietnamese Digital Knowledge Scheme.

On the international cooperation field, VUSTA further enhances cooperation with some international organizations, emphasizes on partner countries with strong potentials of science and technology. Actively prepare to host the Annual Conference of the ASEAN Federation of Engineers (CAFEO 38) in Vietnam in 2020.


Dr. Phan Tung Mau, Vice President, Chairman of Inspection Commission, presents the results of the inspection work of VUSTA

At the conference, the Standing Committee members reported on the draft plan for organizing the 8th Congress of the VUSTA, of which the changes of logo, name and charter of the VUSTA was mentioned.

The Central Committee approved the suspension of membership for the Vietnam Association for Preservation of Agricultural Products for 12 months; admitted the Vietnam Association of Consumer Protection to become a member of the VUSTA.

The Central Committee also approved for 18 people to resign from the 7th Central Committee, 02 members resigned from Presidium; admitted 19 additional members to Central Committee, 02 members to Presidium. The Central Committee elected Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thanh Long, Deputy Head of the Central Propaganda and Training Commission, as Vice President of the VUSTA, term VII and Mr. Le Quang Thich, the President of Quang Ngai Union as a member of the Inspection Commission.

The 7th Central Committee basically agreed on the draft plan of organizing the National Congress of the 8th Central Committee of VUSTA which is expected to take place on 2nd quarter of 2020 with the theme "Solidarity - Innovation - Development". Discussing on ratio of Central Committee member, delegates agreed that VUSTA’s headquarter members consists of Permanent Standing Committee and representatives of Departments; each member association nominates one representative; particularly the Union of Science and Technology Associations of Hanoi City and the Union of Science, Technology Associations of Ho Chi Minh City and four General Associations nominate two representatives each. Besides representatives of the Central Propaganda and Training Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Central Committee should be supplemented a number of representatives from central agencies and organizations who are involved in the activities of the VUSTA; the age of member is no more than 70 at the time of the Congress.


Vice President Dr. Sc. Nghiem Vu Khai presents some issues in "Draft plan to organize the 8th Congress of the VUSTA"

Regarding the number of Presidium members term VIII: maintaining as term VII with 25 members, of which some members will work as full time leaders. Presidium members includes some representatives from member associations, of which 25-30% for professional associations and 25% from provincial unions, the remaining 45-50% is reserved for those who are chosen for Permanent Standing Committee, leader of Inspection Commission, leaders of VUSTA’s headquarter departments, representatives of affiliated organizations,  the Central Propaganda and Training Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology and typical scientists. The Presidium member’s age is also no more than 70 years old by the time of the Congress VIII. It should be consisted with young officials to ensure inheritance for the next congresses. Permanent Standing Committee is expected to has 5-6 members including President, 4-5 Vice Presidents (most of them are full time) of which one Vice President will be cum Secretary General. Those who are Permanent Standing Committee members must be a member of the Presidium. Number of members of the Supervision Committee is expected to maintain the same as term VII, 9 members, of which some work full time. The Chairman of Inspection Commission will play role as full time Vice President.


Scene of Conference

After the discussion, the participants agreed on the following contents:

1. Agree on the 2018 Activity Summary Report and the 2019 key tasks of the VUSTA; on the draft plan to organize the 8th Congress of the VUSTA; on the report of the organizational work and changes of the Central Committee personnel.

2. Remain the present name and Charter of the VUSTA

3. Agree on the plan to change the logo of the VUSTA.

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