Seeking effective solutions for social consultancy and evaluation activity

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Overview of the workshop

Overview of the workshop

On June 26, 2019 in Buon Me Thuot city, Dak Lak Union of Science and Technology Associations (Dak Lak Union) held a workshop on "Solutions to ensure successful implementation of social consultancy and evaluation activity in Dak Lak province ”.

Prof. Dr. Sc. Dang Vu Minh, President of Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA); Mr. Tran Tuan Cuong, member of the Party Central Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee; Mr. Nguyen Tuan Ha, Vice Chairman of the People's Committee; Dr. Vuong Huu Nhi, President of Dak Lak Union; leaders of provincial departments and agencies; and representatives of the provincial Union: Thai Nguyen, Thanh Hoa, Soc Trang, Binh Thuan, Gia Lai and Dak Nong participated in the workshop.

The workshop was an opportunity for scientists, leaders, managers, departments and localities to exchange information and experiences and propose solutions in order to improve the effectiveness of social consultancy and evaluation work to meet the increasing demands of society for intellectuals in innovation, integration and development era.

The report of Dak Lak Union showed that in addition to the results, the social consultancy and evaluation work still faces a number of difficulties and challenges, such as: low budget; time constraint, lacking information and most important is non-specific binding responsibility of the project owner.

At the workshop, delegates were provided with reports of VUSTA's Social Consultancy and Evaluation Department and representatives of departments and agencies in Dak Lak on solutions to improve capacity of social consultancy and evaluation of members as well as on difficulties need to be addressed in the process of implementing this activity. In addition, representatives from the provincial union: Gia Lai, Thanh Hoa, Binh Thuan and Thai Nguyen also shared many practical experiences.


In summary of the workshop, President Dang Vu Minh emphasized that social consultancy and evaluation activity is the most important task of VUSTA and gain much attention from party’s leaders. VUSTA and its member organizations have successfully done many tasks, contributing to completing the guidelines, policies of the Party and the State as well as important socio-economic projects of the country. However, there were still difficulties while carrying out this task at localities.

With the solutions suggested in the workshop, Prof. Dr. Sc. Dang Vu Minh asked Dak Lak union and other provincial union to pay more attention to implement this mission. In particular, focusing on mobilization of excellent experts and scientists; on making high quality report with objective and constructive comments; on overcoming difficulties to enhance social consultancy and evaluation activities in order to attract more scientific and technological intellectuals to participate in association work as well as improve the position and role of VUSTA.

Author: Thanh Tung - VUSTA
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