Role of Vietnamese engineers in cooperation with ASEAN Community

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Over view at the workshop

Over view at the workshop

On 22 June 2016, in Hanoi, Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) organized a workshop of improving the role of Vietnamese engineers in cooperation with ASEAN Community on high-quality workforce. Dr. Sc. Nghiem Vu Khai - Vice President of VUSTA chaired the workshop.

The target of the workshop is to share the results of the Mid-term meeting of ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organizations (AFEO Mid-term 2016) hosted by VUSTA in Hanoi on 24-26 May 2016 and also discuss the important issues of the role of engineers in cooperation with the ASEAN Community on high-quality workforce.

Speaking at the opening session of the workshop, Dr. Sc. Nghiem Vu Khai affirmed the important role of VUSTA in gathering of science and technology intelligentsia, including engineers in contributing to the development and integration of the country. As one of ten members of AFEO, VUSTA has made positive contributions through exchange and sharing of information on development of engineering, professional engineers register. However, the participation of VUSTA in AFEO should be further promoted and the involvement of engineers and members of VUSTA also enhanced.

At the workshop, Ms. Duong Thi Nga, Deputy Director General of the Department for International Cooperation, VUSTA presented the report on results of the AFEO Mid-term 2016 in Hanoi, stressing important conclusions and recommendations of the Conference, including improvement of capacity for ASEAN engineers, establishing common criteria and training programs to standardize the qualification of engineering faculties in ASEAN. Also, she said that the establishment and update of common database of ASEAN engineers is needed to provide information to employers and support engineers in seeking employment opportunities as well as in cooperation in big engineering packages in the region.

In ASEAN, there are now two ASEAN professional engineer certification systems, i.e one recognized by the Government of countries ((National Supervision Committee for implementation of mutual recognition agreement of technical services - MC) - known as ASEAN Certified Professional Engineers (ACPE); and one recognized by professional organizations (AER of AFEO) - known as ASEAN Professional Engineer (APE).

Speaking at the workshop, Mr. Nguyen Van Khanh - National University of Civil Engineering said that the process of registration of ASEAN professional engineers remains perfunctory. In fact, the assessment of candidates is only based on study of their documents and interviews rather than a standard framework to establish a testing system of knowledge and continuous training point accumulation system to assess the qualifications and continuous update of knowledge of candidates in a correct and professional manner under international standards.

In Vietnam, the reality has shown that no professional organization is in charge of connecting scientific research activities, seminars, workshops, symposiums ... to a unified system to accumulate points of professional ASEAN engineers. Therefore, Professional engineers register must be carefully implemented to assess the real capacity of candidates. In addition, the professional engineers after obtaining a practicing certificate must frequently update the knowledge to improve their qualification and promote their professional activities; the professional engineers register must be in line with those of advanced countries in the world as well as in the region. As a result, it is vital to continuously research and put continuing training programs into practice by reference to experience from the ASEAN countries.

Speaking at the session of the conference on discussing the necessity to issue a Law on professional engineering practice and establishment of Vietnam Engineer Association, Dr. Sc. Nghiem Vu Khai shared information about the legal basis and the plan of VUSTA for the two above-mentioned tasks. In particular, Directive No. 42-CT/TW dated 16 April 2010 of the Politburo (X tenure) on operation of VUSTA of Science and Technology Associations directed “the study and promulgation of Law on Professional Engineering Practice". Notice No. 353-TB/TW dated 25 June 2010 of the Central Secretariat required "Government Party Committee to direct the research and drafting of Law on Professional Engineering Practice” to be submitted to the first term of the 13th session National Assembly". Therefore, the research of development and promulgation of the Law on Professional Engineering Practiceshould be urgently implemented.

Participants strongly agreed with the content of the workshop and proposed VUSTA to early preside and coordinate with relevant stakeholders and call for participation of membersin making proposal for promulgation of Law on Professional Engineering Practiceand establishment of Vietnamese Engineer Association. Leadership of members with large number of engineers such as Vietnam Federation of Civil Engineering Association, Vietnam Association of Mechanical Engineering, Vietnam Union of Geological Sciences, Vietnam Electrical Engineering Association, Vietnam Petroleum Association, Vietnam Urban Planning and Development Association, etc.fully attended the Workshop and made great efforts to join VUSTA in implementation of two above-mentioned tasks.

Speaking at the closing session of the Workshop, Dr. Sc. Nghiem Vu Khai said he would report on the proposal of Law on Professional Engineering Practice and establishment of Vietnam Professional Engineer Association to the Permanent Presidium of VUSTA.

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