Phu Yen: Promote the supervision on implementation, transfer and application of scientific and technological topics and projects to reality

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The supervision delegation organizes the supervision on cassava planting project in Dong Xuan district, Phu Yen.

The supervision delegation organizes the supervision on cassava planting project in Dong Xuan district, Phu Yen.

Recognizing the importance of implementing, transferring and applying scientific and technological topics and projects to the socio-economic life in the province; in recent years, Phu Yen province always attaches great importance to the research and application of science and technology into production, contributing to increase the productivity and value of products. The application of science and technology has always been of interest to all management levels and sectors, especially the intellectuals of the province. Therefore, Phu Yen Provincial Union of Science and Technology Associations has coordinated with the provincial Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee, relevant departments, branches and sectors to supervise the research, transfer and application of science and technology of the units in order to contribute to effectively serve the political tasks of the locality.

Talking with us about this issue, MSc. Nguyen Hoai Son - President of the provincial Union of Science and Technology Associations, said: On an annual basis, the Union coordinates with the provincial VFF and the departments to organize 1-2 supervision delegations to execute supervision activities on the research, transfer and application of science and technology of the units, mainly through monitoring to overcome difficulties and make suitable proposals to the provincial leaders, departments and sectors for continuing growth of such topic or project.
It is known that Phu Yen Union has cooperated to supervise 05 project topics including: "Research on selection of short-term varieties of cassava and intensive cultivation techniques to serve the sustainable development of cassava in Phu Yen"; the Topic "Evaluation of growth, development and yield of meat of meat-oriented crossbred cows (Brahman, Lymousine, Drought master, Red Angus) in household livestock farming conditions in Phu Yen province"; the Project "Application of technical advances to build bird nest farms and planning bird nest farming areas and villages in Phu Yen"; the Topic "Building the qualification and certificate management system" and the Topic "Studying on building the electronic test bank for secondary education in Phu Yen province, 2015-2020".
Through monitoring in reality, it is shown that the topics and projects are derived from real needs and on the basis of considering the socio-economic efficiency and the possibility of replication in the province. The scientifically-based topics are required to improve and help farmers to acquire scientific advances in such fields as new animal breeds, new plant varieties, solutions to apply science and technology to farming, planting, care and disease prevention, contribute to increase the productivity, quality and economic efficiency of cattle raising for meat and cassava varieties of Phu Yen province as compared to the region and the whole country.

The scientific and technological research topics and projects in the field of agriculture and education have used the state budget in an economical manner for the right purpose, content of expenditure and with the proper procedures but ensured the content, volume and quality of work comply with the approved outlines and cost estimates. However, in addition to the achievements, the implementation of scientific research and application of scientific and technological achievements to production and life is limited in the chain from research, receipt, development with scientific and technological research and application organizations, production and business enterprises; funding sources for the managing agencies are only within the time frame of implementation; particularly, there is difficulty of unstable product consumption market; and the incentive policies are not effective enough to connect with the enterprises receiving development investment. In fact, through supervision, the application of science and technology, and the replication of successful models in production and life has proved its socio-economic efficiency; however, it has not been widely replicated to make products and goods due to difficulties in propaganda, finding market for output products, product commercialization, brand building and connections among 4 parties (in which enterprises must take the lead) not properly interested.

To promote science and technology research activities in association with practical application, in the coming time, Phu Yen Provincial Union will continue to organize monitoring activities in connection with proposals for implementing scientific and technological research topics and projects closely adhered to actual needs and relevant factors in order to transfer the applications to relevant units after the topic has been accepted and replicate them into production models that create practical benefits; continue to pay attention to topics that will result in application on a large scale, meet the needs of consumers, build Phu Yen specialized product brand and attract investment from households and enterprises to maintain stable production and output market for such new products, thereby drive people to produce more. The technology transfer agency should actively cooperate with the leading agency to monitor and maintain the application of results of the research projects and propose new scientific and technological solutions and tasks to create value-added chain and make products and goods; attach the objectives and targets of scientific and technological development task to the objectives and tasks of socio-economic development of the province.


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