Phu Yen: Continue to consolidate the institutional organizations and prepare for the 5th congress

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​Overview of the meeting

​Overview of the meeting

This is the objectives of the last 6 months of 2018 of the Phu Yen Union of Science and Technology Associations (Phu Yen Union) were pointed out by Mr. Nguyen Hoai Son, the President of the Phu Yen Union at the meeting of Central Council held on July 10, 2018.

In the first 6 months of 2018, with regard to social consultancy and evaluation activities, PUSTA implemented a project named "Assessment of National target program for new rural development in Phu Yen province" financed by VUSTA as well as organize scientific workshops to review two projects as of "Master plan for socio - economic development in Dong Hoa district by 2025 and vision 2030" and "Adjustment of construction material scheme of Phu Yen by 2025 and vision 2030". Phu Yen Union also has continuously worked with investors and consulting divisions to complete social consultancy and evaluation papers/dossiers for projects that assigned by the provincial People’s Committee in 2018.

Communication and knowledge dissemination activities marked by communication activities on The 3rd Phu Yen Children and Youth Creativity Contest, (2017-2018) and on The 8th Phu Yen Technical Creation Competition, (2018-2019); especially ceremony activities for 10 year establishment of magazine  (6/2008-6/2018); publicized special issue on the 93rd anniversary of the Vietnam Press Day 21 June (1925 - 2018) and for 10 years establishment of Intellectual magazine (2008 - 2018). Besides that, Phu Yen Union also publicized the book of "Portrait of Phu Yen Intellectuals - Entrepreneurs for the cause of building hometown and country". Phu Yen Union has closely coordinated with provincial Natural Resources and Environment Department to develop plan and implement activities of the National Target Program on "Sustainable Development" in 2018 of the province.

In addition, Phu Yen Union will cooperate with the provincial People's Committee, Phu Yen association of fellow – countrymen in Ho Chi Minh City, provincial Communist Youth Union to honor and award 390 students with excellent students who have achievements in studying, scientific research, social activities and overcoming obstacles with total amount of nearly 450 million funded by donors. Of which, provincial Supporting Technological Creations Fund awarded 7 certificates of merit.

Top of ForAt the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Hoai Son highly appreciated results of member associations and members of council committee who have contributed to development of the Phu Yen Union. Mr. Nguyen Hoai Son also called all member associations to continue implementing Decision the No. 14/2014/QD – CP of the Prime Minister on the activity of social consultancy, adjustment and expertise the VUSTA because this is a key activity to celebrate 5th Phu Yen Union Congress (2018 - 2023) in the upcoming time.

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