Mobilization and gathering of intellectual is the main task of the national science and technology associations

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President Dang Vu Minh delivered the opening speech.

President Dang Vu Minh delivered the opening speech.

This is the opening remarks of the President of Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA), Prof. Dr. Dang Vu Minh at the annual conference of national science and technology associations 2017 that took place on 10th November in Thai Binh.

Attending the conference were VUSTA’s permanent leaders, delegates representing national science and technology associations, media agencies, central and local press.

According to VUSTA’s leaders, over the past 10 months, national science and technology associations have carried out many activities and achieved positive results. Many associations are interested in developing new branches and memberships, well doing in gathering, uniting and creating favorable conditions for intellectuals to participate in professional activities.


Vice President of VUSTA, Dr. Nghiem Vu Khai

Many associations have actively implemented the Consultancy, Judgment and Social Expertise activities by closely observing the socio-economic situation of the country, participating in consultancy and judgment councils, or others councils to evaluate and approve the programs, projects, research topics at all levels. Opinions of the Association's experts are always highly appreciated.

The implementation of the Consultancy and Judgment activities of associations have contributed to improve policies, laws, investment policy at both central and local level, strengthening the capacity of the staff of the associations, enhancing the position and role of the VUSTA system.

National professional associations have organized a number of conferences, seminars and training courses on knowledge dissemination for people in many fields, especially in rural, mountainous, remote and isolated areas on breeding and cultivation techniques, health care, resource and environmental protection, livelihood improvement, legal aid and gender equality.

In addition, the associations have organized many exchanges activities, sharing experience in management and professional work. These activities have brought many practical benefits to the community and contribute to improving people’s knowledge, meeting the information need of science and technology officers and intellectuals. There are 53 intellectuals of the professional science and technology associations who have been honored as typical science and technology intellectuals of 2017 ..


However, many associations have many difficulties such as lack of headquarters, equipment and working conditions, limited operating funds. Most of the staffs of the association have a high age. Because of lack of young staffs who are capable and enthusiastic in the work, the process of planning and implementation of professional tasks of associations become difficult. The management of the organization is not tight, associations have not developed the vision and development strategy; lacked internal regulations; forms of intellectual gathering are monotonous, not attractive, especially for young intellectuals in universities and research institutes. The capturing of the thought of the intelligentsia has not been properly considered. VUSTA has not organized enough suitable forums so that intellectuals can express their views and give their opinions on the issues of national development.


President of Vietnam Chemistry Association Le Quoc Khanh

Speaking at the conference, the participants said that critical thinking is a process that involves analyzing and evaluating an existing information in a different perspective on the issue to clarify and reaffirm its accuracy and multifacetedness. Critical thinking is not merely the passive reception and maintenance of information. It is the process of thinking that argues against the outcome of another thought to redefine the accuracy and diversity of information. Critical thinking can be distinguished, but can not be separated from the senses. Therefore, it is necessary to have some skills such as: To clarify the superficiality of ideas or information; Detect paradoxes in an idea; Find the hidden dimensions, the hidden values, the underlying powers in an idea; Find connections with the idea lies in the transactional environment of the idea; Find deterministic disturbances that contain ambiguity in an idea; Find alternatives or additional details to perfect an idea; Expect conflicts when an idea is made and measure management solution ...


President of Thermal Science and Technology Association Truong Duy Nghia

Leaders of the association, scientists should actively take the initiative and not elusive, more participate effectively to the consultancy and judgment work. It is necessary to have a plan to actively monitor and catch up scientific problems arising in the field of science which the association is responsible to society. When the contents arise, it should actively assign the scientists to monitor and direct the settlement. From the importance of the consultancy and judgment activities, the association should have firm grasp of the scientists and experts in the fields of their profession. Therefore, the associations should build their bank of specialists and have active plans to use if necessary.

At the same time, the delegates said that the consultancy and judgment work should cooperate well and "companion" with other organizations to implement activities, promote the consultancy and judgment work of independent experts and member associations in all fields, considering this is the key, critical and effective c consultancy and judgment activities of the association.


The participants of conference

At the end of the meeting, President Dang Vu Minh acknowledged the valuable comments of the representatives of the associations attended the conference. On behalf of the Presidium, he also suggested some orientations in order to improve the capacity of the national science and technology associations in the coming time such as the renovation of the organization and operation method to ensure the cross-cutting of generations of cadres and members; having specific plans to increase the proportion of young staff members working in research institutes and universities, contributing to motivation and creativity, meeting the requirements of the industrial revolution 4.0; the associations need to expand their domestic and international partnerships; maintain linking with ministries and localities, especially with enterprises to increase the working resources. It is necessary to define a number of key areas and policies and implement methodically the consultancy and judgment work in order to make practical and weighted contributions, thus increasing the prestige and trust of the professional science and technology associations; to improve the cooperation with the agencies, to formulate methodologies and culture of consultancy and judgment in order to improve the efficiency of consultancy and judgment activities; Develop database on professional science and technology associations; Establish mechanisms to enhance exchange activities, briefings of associations in the same field; To formulate and pilot a number of consultancy and judgment councils under the Presidium; To propose to Government  a roadmap for the transfer of a number of public services to socio-professional associations, to support and create favorable conditions on mechanisms, policies and primary financial sources for associations to effectively implement the socialization policy of the Party and the Government in a number of fields, especially public services on training and granting practice certificates.

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