Lam Dong: Union of Associations held the fifth Congress

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The participants of Congress

The participants of Congress

On November 27th-28th, the Lam Dong Union of Science and Technology Associations held the fifth Congress (term 2017-2022).

Attending the Congress were Prof. Dr. Science. Dang Vu Minh, Secretary of the Party Committee, President of the VUSTA; Dr. Phan Tung Mau, VUSTA’s Vice President and Chairman of inspection committee; the leaders of the Union of other provinces. About Lam Dong Province: Mr Tran Duc Quan, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee cum President of the Provincial People's Council; Mr. K, Mak, Member of Standing Board of Provincial Party Committee cum Vice President of Provincial People's Council; Mr. Tran Ngoc Liem, Vice President of the Provincial People's Committee, leaders of provincial departments, mass organizations, reporters, radio and 120 intellectual representing more than 15,000 members of member associations and affiliated centre of the Lam Dong Union of Science and Technology Associations.

Over the past four Congress with 23 years of operation, the Lam Dong Union of Science and Technology Associations has always strived to fulfill its function and missions, step by step, affirmed its role as the socio-political organization of the science and technology intellectuals in the locality. Up to now, the Lam Dong Union has gathered more than 40 member organizations with more than 15,000 people, accounting for 26.4% of the province's intellectuals, becomes a gathering place for a large number of intellectuals in the region. Annually, the Union receives the direction of the VUSTA, the provincial Party Committee, the People's Council, the Fatherland Front, cooperate responsibly with agencies, branches, unions and localities to implement communication and knowledge dissemination activities, scientific research, consultancy and judgment, honoring of intellectuals, building movement of creative technology ... Party Delegation of Lam Dong Union always promotes political role in the implementation of the guidelines, policies, directives, resolutions of the Party and Government, develops action plans, determines the direction and work plans in each period for deployment,  makes the Union unceasingly to develop in all aspects, both in terms of organization and operation; carries out the work of intellectual unity, promotes democracy and creates a favorable environment for the activities of intellectuals in order to realize the emulation of creative labor, to better serve the cause of economic development of province.

President of the VUSTA, Mr. Dang Vu Minh had speech at the Congress

Speaking at the congress, the President of the VUSTA, Prof. Dang Vu Minh highly appreciated the results achieved by the Union of Lam Dong in recent years, especially in the field of consultancy, judgment and social expertise. Union of Lam Dong has actively participated in the major projects before submitting the approval authority; step up the dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge, discovered and honored individuals and collectives who have made outstanding achievements in science and technology creation; successfully organized competitions and contests, promoted the mass movement to participate in science and technology creation... Through this, contributing to raise awareness of all levels, branches and the whole society about the role of the Lam Dong Union and her member organizations for the cause of socio-economic development ... President Dang Vu Minh also expects the Party and Government at provincial level continue to create favorable conditions to build Lam Dong Union as a strong organization, contributing to make science and technology to become the foundation and driving force for the socio-economic development of the province.


Mr. Tran Duc Quan, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Standing Committee congratulated the Congress

Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Tran Duc Quan, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee cum President of the Provincial People's Council highly appreciated the activities of Lam Dong Union such as gathering, uniting and mobilizing the  intellectuals to take part in the missions of  socio-economic development of the province, advising and proposing to the provincial Party Committee and the provincial People's Committee on major issues, policies and guidelines; taking initiative in stepping up the consultancy, judgment and social expertise activities, thus contributing to the consolidation of scientific grounds for big programs, schemes and projects before the decision of the competent authorities. In the coming time, the Lam Dong Union should continue to implement the Resolution No 27-NQ/TW on "Building intellectuals class in the country's industrialization and modernization" and the Directive No. 42-CT/TW of Political Bureau on " renovating, improving the quality and effectiveness of the operation of the Union of Science and Technology Associations in the period of industrialization and modernization "; strive to achieve the target that by 2020, to build the Lam Dong Union as a strong socio-political organization, promote the intelligentsia's potential to build a rich and prosperous and civilized Lam Dong province….


Executive Committee of Lam Dong Union of V term

The Congress elected 25 members to the Executive Committee, 5 members to the Standing Committee, and Mr. Phan Van Phan, Standing Deputy Chairman of the provincial Commission for Propaganda and Training was elected to the position of President ; Mr. Van Long, Vice President of term IV was elected to the position of Vice President cum Secretary General; Mr. Tran Minh Chau, Chief of Office of the Department of Science and Technology was elected as the Permanent Vice President of Lam Dong Union of associations, term V (2017-2022).

Author: Le Cong Luong
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