Kon Tum: The provincial union continues to consolidate and improve quality of operation in 2019

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Kon Tum: The provincial union continues to consolidate and improve quality of operation in 2019

On February 22, 2019, Kon Tum provincial union of Science and Technology Associations (Kon Tum union) organized the 4th Executive Board conference, term III (2017-2022) to review the work of 2018 and deploy the tasks in 2019.

In 2018, Kon Tum union and its member associations has expanded their organization, attracted more and more S & T officials to participate in the association activities; attracted resources for scientific and technical transfer and new technology application to production and life contributing to the local socio-economic development; promoted communication and dissemination on scientific and technological knowledge and advances as well as the Party's guidelines and policies, State law to people. Kon Tum union has also gathered scientific and technological officials in special fields to participate in the activity of social consultancy and evaluation; advised the authorities practical-based scientific rationale to consider before issuing policies, plans on socio-economic development of the locality.


In 2019, Kon Tum union will focus on key tasks such as continuing to strengthen and improve the quality and efficiency of the union's operations; uniting intellectuals, enhancing communication and dissemination of scientific and technical advances in production and life; organizing the 8th Technical Innovation Contest, 11th Youth-Children Creative Contest; implementing the social consultancy and evaluation on the development projects and plans of the province; continuing to coordinate with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Cirum Center, People's Committees of districts to build model of forest management, protection and restoration; model of maintaining domestic water sources linking to livelihood development and traditional cultural practices and ecotourism for ethnic minority communities.

At the conference, three individuals of the Kon Tum union were awarded Order of Merit of Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations "For the cause of the Science and Technology Associations", three units and 10 individuals were awarded Certificate of Merit by the president of Kon Tum union for their achievements in association work, contributing to the development of Kon Tum provincial union in 2018.

Author: Quang Manh, Kon Tum union
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