Judgment on Urban Development Program of Bac Giang province by 2030

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Judgment on Urban Development Program of Bac Giang province by 2030

In the morning of March 1st 2017, Bac Giang Provincial Union of Science and Technology Associations organized a conference judging “the Urban Development Program of Bac Giang province by 2030”.

Attending the conference were scientists of Institute for Urban and Rural Planning-affiliated to Ministry of Construction, UAI Urban and Architectural Institute, Federation of Civil Engineering Associations, Hanoi Urban Planning Institute … and leaders of some departments, sectors and People’s Committee of provinces and cities.    

At the conference, majority of delegates highly appreciated the Program which basically followed Circular No. 12/2014/TT-BXD dated 25/8/2014 of Ministry of Construction guiding the compilation, verification and approval of Urban Development Program; Decision No. 608/QĐ-UBND dated 27/4/2014 of Provincial People’s Committee approving the outline of Bac Giang Urban Development Program by 2030 and general planning on socio-economic development of the province, relevant regional and sectoral planning.

However, the content of the Program still lacks basis, arguments for proposing forecasts, goals, roadmaps for Bac Giang urban development by 2030; regarding the assessment of realities of urban areas, it is necessary to analyze advantages, strengths, motivations for the development of urban areas, and analyze roles of some key urban areas of Bac Giang within regional and national urban system, especially urban areas of Hanoi. Advantages, barries in urban development of the province should be clearly identified; it is necessary to evaluate clearly the investment in urban development, the structure of investment capital for urban development during the past time.

For goals, roadmap of urban development, it is necessary to clarify the basis of urban population growth by 2030 to 43.9%, annually average increasing around 2%, up to 3% in the 2021-2015 period; explain clearly the change of goal of urban planning which has been approved in accordance with Decision No. 139/QĐ-UBND of the Provincial People’s Committee and Resolution No. 138-NQ/TU of Standing Board of Provincial Party Committee (adjusting the planning of Hiep Hoa town by 2030 from urban grade III to grade IV; meanwhile, Hiep Hoa has a number of good conditions and advantages to reach grade III compared to Chu town).

For urban development orientation, some experts said that the Program just focused on urban infrastructure development, not paying attention to social services, urban economic development; it is necessary to clarify and stick to characteristics, identities of Bac Giang for urban development; especially, Bac Giang city on bank of Thương river is a particular characteristic; paying attention to urban development associated with conservation, green and smart city.

For investment capital and solutions, the Program is planned to mobilize capital from socialization up to 92%; therefore, it is necessary to have breakthrough solutions on mobilizing investment capital, increasing investment resources from land; supplement solutions on specific mechanisms, policies so that set goals shall be obtained for the work of urban development.

At the end of the conference, Mr. Nguyen Van Thi, the President of Bac Giang Provincial Union of Science and Technology Associations, Chairman of Judgment Council emphasized comments, judgments of experts, scientists attending the conference and proposed Department of Construction and Consultancy Agency to strictly admit comments on consultation and judgment of experts to supplement, amend, complete the Program in order to ensure the feasibility for achieving goals of the Program.         

Author: Thanh Nguyen
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