Honor 53 outstanding intellectuals from National Science and Technology Associations

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Honored oustanding intellectuals

Honored oustanding intellectuals

On the morning of October 27th, in Hanoi, the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) organized the honoring ceremony of outstanding intellectuals from National Science and Technology Associations of VUSTA.

Attending the ceremony were Mr. Vo Van Thuong, Politburo Member, Secretary of the Party’s Central Committee, Head of Central Propaganda and Training Commission; Mr. Vu Duc Dam, Party Central Committee Member, Deputy Prime Minister; Mr. Tran Thanh Man, Party Central Committee Member, President of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland’s Front, VUSTA’s leaders, 53 outstanding intellectuals and representatives of the central’s and Hanoi’s committees and agencies.


VUSTA’s President Prof. Dang Vu Minh delivered his opening speech at the honoring ceremony

In furtherance of the Party Executive Committee 's Resolution No. 27-NQ / TW dated August 6, 2008, on building the intellectual team in the period of accelerating national industrialization and modernization and the seventh Congress of VUSTA, the Presidium of the VUSTA’s Central Council decided that selection and recognition of scientific and technological intellectuals which are the main tasks of  VUSTA should be organized twice every 5 years to encourage and honor outstanding scientific and technological (S&T) intellectuals in the whole system. These people have valuable contribution on intellectuals mobilization, scientific and technological activities and the cause of socio-economic development and national defense.


 Vice president cum Secretary General of VUSTA Pham Van Tan delivered a speech at the ceremony

To realize the second time of honoring outstanding (S&T) intellectuals in 2017, from the beginning of the year, VUSTA has launched  preparing activities for two sessions in Hai Phong and Hanoi to timely organize the honoring ceremonies of (S&T) intellectuals of VUSTA’s members. The VUSTA’s regulation on selecting, honoring S&T intellectuals has the main contents as follows: Each typical (S&T) intellectuals is honored once only, against the criteria and regulations set forth. Central Propaganda and Training Commission has endorsed VUSTA’s policy on organization of honoring ceremony, and requested the Party Commission of VUSTA to report the operation and invite senior leaders of the Party and Government to attend and present the Award. The Central Commission for Emulation and Reward has provided written comments on the content of VUSTA’s regulation draft on the selection of (S&T) intellectuals.


Participants attended the ceremony

On 26th September 2017, the Council selected 53 intellectuals from VUSTA’s S&T national member associations whose qualifications meet with the honoring criteria. In particular, 5 among them who meet the conditions and have excellent achievements in the work of intellectual mobilization have been proposed to receive the Merit certificate of the Prime Minister.

Among the 53 outstanding honored (S&T) intellectuals this time, 46 have academic titles, academic degrees from associate professors, PhDs and equivalent or above. Selected S & T intellectuals who made great achievements on intellectual mobilization and scientific research, as well as consultancy and knowledge dissemination had been awarded and honored by VUSTA and other ministries and sectors.


Prof. Tran Quy represents 53 honored intellectuals to express his impressions

The implementation of VUSTA’s task of honoring S&T intellectuals in 2017 is a very significant event which encourage intellectuals to actively contribute to industrialization and modernization of country.

At the ceremony, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam highly appreciated the significance and importance of science in the country's economic development, and also thanked the intellectuals and scientists. "On behalf of the Government, I would like to congratulate the honored intellectuals and scientists today. Prime Minister today assigned me to send the his congratulations, he also appreciated the scientific achievements of the country during the recent years. The government is proud of intellectuals, many of whom have contributed to the cause of scientific development in the past history of national defense and today" said the Deputy Prime Minister.


Deputy PM Vu Duc Dam addressed the speech at the ceremony

Deputy Prime Minister said that VUSTA is well performing its role for the development of science of the country and facilitate scientists to promote their scientific creativity. The Government expects VUSTA to continue to play its noble values and have a broader and deeper voice and open ideas on the policy mechanism of the Party and Government, contributing to economic development of Vietnam.

Pictures at the ceremony:








The list of 53 honored intellectuals from VUSTA’s S&T member associations


Full name

Position, Unit


Science PhDs. Phan Anh

Member of Standing Committee of Vietnam Television and Radio Association


Doctor. Tran Van Ban

President of Vietnam Oriental Medicine Association


PhDs. Tran Bao

Vice President of Vietnam measure Association


Asso.Prof.PhDs. Le Thai Bat

Vice President cum General Secretary of the Vietnam Soil Science Association


Asso.Prof.PhDs.  Truong Bien

Member of the Executive Board of the Vietnam Geological General Association


Asso.Prof.PhDs. Nguyen Xuan Chanh

Vice President of Vietnam Science and Technology Association of Physical, Chemical and Biological Sciences Analysis


PhDs. Tran Quang Chau

President of Vietnam Aviation Science and Technology Association


Prof. Tran Ngoc Chinh

President of Vietnam Urban Arrangement and Development Association


PhDs. Nguyen Huy Chuong

President of Northern  Library Alliance, Vietnam Library Association


Asso.Prof.PhDs. Nguyen Sinh Cuc

Head of Professional Department, Vietnam Statistical Association


Prof. Science PhDs. Nguyen Duc Cuong

President of Vietnam Aerospace Association


Asso.Prof.PhDs. Khong Dien

Vietnam Ethnographic and Anthropological Association


PhDs. Nguyen Van Dinh

Standing Vice President of Vietnam Herbal Medicine Association


Science PhDs Nguyen Danh Hai

Executive Board Member of the Vietnam Construction General Association


Asso.Prof.PhDs. Luu Duc Hai

Vice President of Vietnam Environmental Economics Association


PhDs. Phan Son Hai

Vietnam Atomic Energy Association


MSc. Dang Thanh Hai

Standing Committee member of Vietnam Mine Science and Technology Association


Prof.PhDs. Le Hong Hanh

Executive Committee member of Vietnam Lawyers Association


MSc. Huynh Hoa

Executive Board member of bridges and roads Science and Technology Association of Vietnam, President of Khanh Hoa of bridges and Road Association


Asso.Prof.PhDs. Nguyen Dinh Hoe

General Secretary of Vietnam  Nature and Environment Protection Association


Prof.PhDs. Le Dinh Kha

Standing Committee member of Vietnam Forestry Science and Technology Association


MSc. Chu Duc Khai

Vice President cum general secretary of the Vietnam Casting and Metallurgy Association


Prof.PhDs. Pham Gia Khai

Standing Committee member of Vietnam Medical General Association


Asso.Prof.PhDs.Tran Kieu

President of Vietnam Education and Psychology Science Association


Prof.PhDs. Pham Van Lang

Vice President of the Vietnam Agricultural Mechanic Association under the Vietnam General Mechanical Association


Asso.Prof.PhDs. Nguyen Duy Lam

Vice President of Vietnam Food Science and Technology Association


Prof.PhDs.Nguyen Van Luat

Vice President of Vietnam Seed Association


PhDs. Ta Quang Ngoc

President of Vietnam Algefacient and Air Conditioner Association


PhDs. Do Van Ngoc

President of Vietnam Tea Science and Technology Association


Prof. Vu Dương Ninh

Executive Committee member of Vietnam History Science Association


PhDs. Phung Van On

Vice President of Vietnam Information Technique Association


Prof.Bui Xuan Phong

President of the Vietnam Railway Economic and Transport Association


Prof. Tran Phuong

President of Vietnam Economic Science Association


Prof.PhDs.Bui Cong Que

President of Vietnam Geophysical Sciences and Techniques Association


Prof.PhDs. Tran Quy

Standing Committee member of Vietnam Medical General Association


Asso.Prof.PhDs. Tran Duc Quy

Presidium member of Vietnam Mechanical General Association


Prof. Science PhDs. Tran Van Sung

Vice President of Vietnam Chemistry Association


Prof. Science PhDs. Nguyen Tai

Presidium member of Vietnam Construction General Association


Prof. PhDs. Nguyen Dinh Tan

Standing Committee member of Vietnam Sociology Association


Bachelor. Pham Cong Tham

Vice President cum General Secretary of Vietnam Accountancy and Audit Association


Engineer Pham Van Thanh

Standing Committee member of Vietnam Gardening Association


PhDs. Nguyen Huu Thien

President of Vietnam Laboratories Association


Prof. Science PhDs. Nguyen Hoa Thinh

President of Vietnam Mechanics Association


Asso.Prof.PhDs. Pham Van Tinh

General Secretary of Vietnam Linguistics Association


Prof.PhDs. Nguyen Khanh Trach

Vice President of Vietnam Medical General Association


Prof.PhDs. Tran Van Tri

Vice President of Vietnam Geological General Association


Prof.PhDs. Le Kim Truyen

Vice President of Vietnam irrigation Association


PhDs. Doan Xuan Truc

Permanent Vice President of Vietnam Breeding Association


PhDs. Dang Ngoc Tung

Vietnam Heat  Sciences and Technology Association


Prof.PhDs. Nguyen Quang Tuyen

Executive Committee member of Vietnam Veterinary Association


Asso.Prof.PhDs. Nguyen Kim Van

Vice President of Vietnam Plant Protection Association


Prof.PhDs. Dang Hung Vo

Former President of the Vietnam Geodetic Mapping remote sensing Association, Editor-in-Chief of Geodetic and Mapping Magazine


Prof.PhDs. Nguyen Vuong

Standing Committee member of Vietnam Medical General Association

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