Establishment of the Institute for Education Cooperation and Development (IEC)

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The Institute for Education Cooperation and Development (IEC) was finally founded on June 6, 2016 according the Decision No. 401/QD-LHHVN enacted by VUSTA.

The IEC (Institute for Education Cooperation and Development) is the scientific-technology institution which serves the function of gathering scientists, educators, experts and experienced personnel to perform scientific researches, implement projects and deliver scientific-technology services in educational field, with the view to promoting the development of Vietnamese training & education system.

IEC’s main responsibilities include scientific researching, as well as training & education projects, programs and activities investigation.     

Additionally, IEC provides scientific-technology services, such as performing consultancy and counter-argumentation on specific programs, projects or education-related activities; introducing experts in the field; transferring technologies; compiling books and documents; delivering training programs to improve specialized knowledge as well as supervising, evaluating and granting certificates for trainees. IEC will also hold its responsibility in cooperating with international organizations and individuals in the field of training & education in order to better fulfill its tasks.


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