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Leaders of Dong Thap province honor outstanding intellectuals

Leaders of Dong Thap province honor outstanding intellectuals

Speaking at a meeting with Dong Thap intellectuals in early 2018, Mr. Le Minh Hoan - Secretary of Dong Thap Provincial Party Committee stressed that "Dong Thap intellectuals made great contribution to the province's growth”, and acknowledged these contributions to socio-economic development of the province.

The appreciation of provincial leaders is the pride of each intellectual, scientist dedicated to Dong Thap province, of scientific and technological intellectuals of Dong Thap Union Science and Technology Association (DUSTA) and political-social organizations as well.

During past years, under supports and directions of the Vietnam Union Science and Technology Association (VUSTA), Provincial Party Committee, Provincial People's Committee, DUSTA has constantly developed in terms of institution and scope of activities; promoting role of mobilizing intellectual forces to contribute to local socio-economic development. Since initially established (15/7/1998), DUSTA has 09 member associations (with 8,951 members), up to date member associations have increased to 22, 01 affiliated center and 01 Creative Club with over 34,000 members who come from sectors of agriculture, industry, technology information, mass media, health, construction, transportation, justice, education and history, etc... The rapid development of member associations has brought to higher level and larger scale for DUSTA. The Union promoted unification, mobilization and involvement of science and technology intellectuals inside and outside the province, who are working for research institutes and centers, universities and colleges, government agencies and even retired intellectuals those are willing to dedicate to science and technology development of the province.

One of the key tasks of DUSTA is social consultancy and evaluation to provide science bases to develop policies, development programs for socio-economic and science technology. Intellectuals and scientists of DUSTA and its member associations are invited to be members of professional council, steering committee established by provincial Party’s Committee, provincial people's committee and provincial department/sectors as well. DUSTA and its member associations have directly provided advices or acted as an organizer to gather intellectuals’ professional ideas for documents, laws, programs of provincial Party Committee, Provincial People's Committee and other departments of the province; and provided social consultancy and evaluation to a number of projects, master plans for socio-economic development, education and training, science and technology, environmental protection at provincial level as well as of sectors, districts, towns and cities of the province. Recommendations of DUSTA and its member associations provide practical bases for provincial leaders to develop appropriate policies in order to effectively apply for real life.

To raise people's understanding and knowledge, DUSTA and its member associations take dissemination of scientific and technical know-how as its top priority. Dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge is implemented through various forms, such as magazines, newsletters, websites, leaflets, guidebooks, mass media; exhibitions, seminars, training sessions, symposiums... The information and communication activities of DUSTA have strictly followed guidelines and policies of communist Party and government as well as followed directives, resolutions of Provincial Party Committee and People's Committee on scientific and technological development, promoting intellect of intellectual force in the period of industrialization and modernization; as well as updating DUSTA and its member associations’ science and technology activities in order to widely introduce to community.

DUSTA has been assigned by provincial People's Committee to be coordinator to work with provincial Departments of Science and Technology, of Education and Training, of Labor Confederation, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and other related agencies to organize creative technology contests, youth and children creative competitions; to promote creative labor movement of individuals and organizations in the field of science and technology; effective application of new technical solutions in production and life, contributing to socio-economic development of the province, as well as raising youth and children’s potential that help to cultivate their knowledge and creative skills for future inventors.

In order to listen to valuable opinions and to honor efforts of intellectuals those contributed to scientific and technological activities for provincial socio-economic-cultural development, DUSTA has coordinated with related provincial agencies to organize new year's meetings between provincial leaders and intellectuals. The provincial leaders have highly appreciated 87 doctors and honored 6 outstanding science and technology intellectuals of the province.

Quality of people's life has improved thanks to application of results of researches and transfer technical advances of DUSTA and its member associations. DUSTA has mobilized intellectuals to find out best solutions in order to address local people’s constrains and difficulties in production through implementation of research and  technology transfer projects; typically as of: “Complete process of processing and preserving dried fish to gain standards of food safety and hygiene" implemented by DUSTA, and the project of Biogas development for people led by DUSTA in coordination with the Gardener Association, or the project of transferring process of Sua Au milk production coordinated by DUSTA between An Giang University and Vinh Thanh Commune, Lap Vo District

Based on these achievements, DUSTA has been making efforts to become a strong socio-political organization of science and technology intellectuals by the year 2020, and to play key role in gathering, unifying and promoting creativeness of scientific and technological intelligentsia to contribute to bring science and technology become driving force for socio-economic development of the province; and to become a reliable agency of provincial Party Committee and provincial People's Committee in the field of intellectual mobilization as well as to be a responsible member organization of Vietnam Fatherland’s Front of Dong Thap province.

Author: Le Minh Hung, President of DUSTA
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