Dong Nai: nearly 1,000 solutions participated in provincial Children and Youth Creativity Contest

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Dong Nai: nearly 1,000 solutions participated in provincial Children and Youth Creativity Contest

After more than 6 months of implementing the provincial Children and Youth Creativity Contest, there were nearly 1,000 solutions sent to participate in qualifier. The contest organizing board of districts has selected 160 excellent solutions and models to participate in contest at provincial level.

As contest rules, the contest organizing board consists of 5 sub-organizing board corresponding to five fields. From June 20 – 21, 2018 the contest organizing board conducted evaluation and grading of solutions and models to select excellent ones to award and send to participate in the contest at national level.

Among five competing fields, there are two fields with largest number of solutions (43 solutions) participated in, namely field of scientific and technical solutions to climate change, environmental protection and economic development, household appliances and children's toys. Fields of education devices has attracted 34 solutions, environmental friendly products 31 solutions while informatics software has only 9 solutions.

In order to obtain 160 excellent solutions in this contest, the organizing board has actively and closely worked with districts, towns and cities to provide guidance, information and supports on the implementation process of contest on the whole province.

In addition, the contest organizing board also implemented a large communication and information campaign to provide adequate and comprehensive information to all contest participants. Information has been posted on the local mass media such as Science and Life Bulletin, provincial broad-casting and TV, websites of contest organizing divisions.

Author: Thanh Thuy
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