Dong Nai: Promoting the role, position and efficiency of the Association

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Executive Committee of provincial Road, Bridge  and Port Association for the term 2018-2023 came into sight at the Congress.

Executive Committee of provincial Road, Bridge and Port Association for the term 2018-2023 came into sight at the Congress.

Recently, in Dong Nai, Dong Nai Bridge and Road Association solemnly held the second Congress.

According to the Association's report, in the last term, the Association has gathered 230 individual members and 39 collective members. In 2014, the association established the limited company of Road, Bridge and Port. As the consultancy work is one of the main tasks, the Association had comments on important projects of the province such as architectural projects of new Ghenh bridge, An Hao bridge, project of international airport Long Thanh. The Association also actively organized scientific workshops to exchange experiences and disseminate knowledge to its members such as: "Super tough concrete - research and application capability", "Carbon Asphalt technology, application in construction, maintenance and repairing of road-shirt class". The association and the provincial Construction Association co-organized the workshop "Introduction of underground guiding drilling technology and underground trench for draining water to prevent flooding in urban areas" .

Besides organizing the workshop, the Association also helped members to exchange experience and learn some new technologies and techniques in the field of transport construction of some works such as Nhat Tan bridge (Ha Noi), crossing bridge of Hang Xanh intersection, Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien Metro (Ho Chi Minh City). At the same time, the Association also participated in training of management, preservation and maintenance of rural roads as proposed by the coordination Office for new rural program under the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

However, the activities of the Association in the last term still remain some weakness such as: the activity is less active and has not brought benefits to members that is expressed by the low development of new members, especially in the port area. The implementation of the consultancy work is inadequate due to lack of compulsory mechanism assigned to professional association. Besides, the Association is also passive, has not boldly proposed to the local authority to make consultancy on concerned issues.

At the Congress, the delegates elected 40 people to the Executive Committee, the Standing Committee has 13 people, the Inspection Committee composes 3 people. Mr. Nguyen Van Diep, former director of the Department of Transport was elected President of the association for the second time, term of 2018-2023.

Author: Huy Tung
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