Demonstration of the technology of polluted water treatment by using Bakucha powder

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Overview of the meeting

Overview of the meeting

The Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) and Japan Low Carbon Organization (JLCO) co-organized the meeting in Hanoi to demonstrate the JLCO’s technology in polluted water treatment. Dr.Sc. Nghiem Vu Khai – Vice President of VUSTA chaired the meeting. Attendants included representatives of offices, departments of VUSTA, the Vietnam Administration of Sea and Island, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and some scientists specializing in technology and environment; Mr. Amano Takeshi – Chief Executive Officer of JLCO and Mr.Sugiyama Kouta Director General of ES Joint-stock Company (producing Bakucha products).

At the meeting, representatives of JLCO said that Bakucha technology was researched and granted patent and produced in Japan, which is recognized by UNIDO as an effective ecological pollution treatment technology by means of micro-organism activation mechanism. The compositions of Bakucha powder are available and from nature. The name of "Bakucha" product is a brief form of an English phrase namely "back to the nature" –return to nature, which reflects the mechanism of this technology. 

JLCO in cooperation with ES Joint-stock Company tested successfully this powder at 300 polluted sites across Japan (include industrial waste water areas, feeding establishments, lakes and contaminated ponds). At the same time, this technology has been introduced and tested in some Asian countries such as India, Laos, Indonesia, and Thailand.


Dr.Sc.Nghiem Vu Khai –Vice President of VUSTA (at the middle)

Delegates raised a number of questions focusing on operation mechanism of the technology, costs, application ability in Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries. According to the representative of JLCO, depending on pollution level and scope of treated area, experts of JLCO will make a survey and work out formula, concentration to ensure maximum treatment effectiveness and appropriate cost. 


Mr. Amano Takeshi – Chief Executive Officer of JLOW(at the middle) and Mr. Sugiyama Kouta – Director General of ES JSC (to the left)

Mr. Amano Takeshi and Mr. Sugiyama Kouta showed a test on treating contaminated water taken from To Lich river and an animal-feed establishment in Dong Anh district, Hanoi. The small-scale result indicated that by using Bakucha powder mixed with water specimens, after 15 minutes, odor pollution of two specimens reduce sharply, from 360/1000 down to 0/1000 for To Lich water specimen and 578/1000 to 47/1000 for water discharged from animal-feed establishment. 

According to experts attending the meeting, high cost is the biggest barrier for deploying Bakucha in developing countries. Mr. Amano Takeshi said his organization had plan to seek partners in Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries to process survey, pilot and transfer Bakucha technology, heading to produce this product in such countries to reduce cost.

In the afternoon of the day, the delegation of JLCO paid a site visit to Hai Phong City and worked with the Hai Phong Union of Science and Technology Associations to conduct survey at an area of lake or pond to prepare for the deployment of treatment in coming time.

Some photos taken from the demonstration of Bakucha technology conducted at the meeting:







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