Continuous development of Vietnam Bridge and Road Association

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Mr. Ngo Thinh Duc – President of Vietnam Bridge and Road Association (Photo: internet)

Mr. Ngo Thinh Duc – President of Vietnam Bridge and Road Association (Photo: internet)

Established in 1987, Vietnam Bridge and Road Association has been continuously developing so far. It has currently 95 member associations, including 41 centrally-run member associations in provinces and cities, 20 local member associations and sub-associations in the central agencies, 29 collective members and 5 subordinate units (Institutes, Magazines, Centers ...) with nearly 10,000 members. The major transport projects of the country are attributable to the effective participation and contribution of the Association members.

In the first 6 months of 2018, the Association has implemented many practical activities and achieved good results in many aspects. Mr. Ngo Thinh Duc, President of Vietnam Bridge and Road Association said that “At the beginning of 2018, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of construction and development of the Association and summary of operations of the Association in 2017, deployment of tasks in 2018; Then we had a meeting with the Minister of Transport, Mr. Nguyen Van The (March 5th, 2018) who agreed and approved 5 contents proposed by President Ngo Thinh Duc (Notice 107/TB-BGTVT, March 9th, 2018); Working with the Training Department, Director of the Training Center: Approving the training and fostering plan on bridge and road knowledge (expected 3 training courses) for members in the Northern Provinces and Hanoi in 2018. At the same time, we also urged the training center to promptly complete the procedures for registering training codes, applying for training licenses, adjusting the multi-choice test questions in order to issue construction practicing certificates for members of the Vietnam Bridge and Road Association from September, 2018 onwards.

In terms of science and technology, we organized a scientific workshop "Discussion on design of soft pavement" in May 2018; New draft regulation on work coordination between Ministry of Transport - Vietnam Bridge and Road Association (2018-2023) in replacement of Regulation No. 32/BGTVT-HCDVN dated 13 August 2013; Draft report on summary of the Science and Technology cooperation program between the Ministry of Transport and the Association (2017-2018); Vietnam Bridge and Road Association - Directorate for Roads of Vietnam (2016-2017).

According to Mr. Ngo Thinh Duc, in 2018, the association will organize training courses for providing practicing certificate for members in the field of construction; Collaborating with universities, inviting experts for human resource training, helping students access new technology; Closely coordinating with Directorate for Roads of Vietnam to promote science and technology research and transfer.

In terms of consultancy and judgment, he said that in the past 6 months, the consultancy and judgment committee has focused on deploying and carrying out assigned tasks such as preparation and reporting on the results of the consultancy and judgment activities on VUSTA; Giving comments to the Ministry of Transport on draft circular providing for common bridges, traffic on the common bridges. Giving comments on the draft circular providing for the conditions, order and procedures for connection between the urban railway and the local railway with the national railway. Taking part in preparation activities and the Committee of organization and administration of seminar on PP; inviting the Private-Public Partnership projects investment management unit (PPP), Transport Engineering Design INC – TEDI to write a speech at a PPP seminar. Giving comments on the second draft of the process of management, exploitation and maintenance of Co Ma road tunnel, Deo Ca road tunnel and tunnel access road.

Regarding the inspection: The Inspection Committee has set up a program from the beginning of the year: giving timely comments on issues assigned by the Standing Committee and the President, such as streamlining organization of the Association in the current situation. Coordinating with the Organization Committee to check and work with some member associations that have faced obstacles such as poor quality work, non-payment of association fee, failure to make reports on their operations, namely Bridge and Road Association of Central Transportation College 6, Center of Research and Development of Ho Chi Minh City; Transport Development Research Institute.

Regarding international cooperation: Mr. Ngo Thinh Duc also said that in the past 6 months, the organization had meetings with Kurosawa Company, Kurosawa Representative Office in Vietnam. At the invitation of the President of the KTB Association of Japan, we went to Japan to celebrate the 40th anniversary of establishment of the association and work with Kurosawa during the period of 14th and 19th June 2018. The delegation delivered speeches at the conference, attending the annual meeting of KTB Association (Japan); Agreeing with the content of establishing a joint working group between VIBRA and Kurosawa in SPC beam technology transfer.

He further told that there are 16 member associations. They have actively participated in consultancy and judgment activities such as the design of two intersections in the west of Dragon Bridge, the west of Tran Thi Ly bridge, completing survey and design of road pavement of Cau Dau bridge owned by the Road Regional Bureau III; completing the consultancy and supervision of the quality of traffic safety work of national highway No.1 of Ba Ren bridge, Huong An (Da Nang Road and Bridge Association).

It also gave consultancy to submit the proposal for investment and construction of Muong Hum Bridge, renovation of traffic junction of Kim Tan bridge, hanging bridge in replacement of the hanging bridge (Bao Yen); Renovating and upgrading the provincial road 152, a section passing through the right shoulder of the dam and the water collection tunnel into Ta Thang hydropower pressure pipe, etc. (Lao Cai Bridge and Road Association) to the People's Committee of Lao Cai province for approval.  Judgment on the proposal of construction of 03 culverts instead of 03 bridges; adjustment the curve of 6 road sections; Recommending to reallocate 4 road sections near the sloppy bank river ... (Ben Tre Bridge and Road Association). Participating in the selection council of architectural and interchange design of Tuy Hoa city (Phu Yen Bridge and Road Association).

In addition, member associations also rewarded sub-associations and members who have made achievements; Organizing meetings to congratulate the elderly members on the occasion of a new year; Designating a delegation to attend the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Central Association (Da Nang Bridge and Road Association). Participating and coordinating with other associations in the province to promote traffic safety, putting 11 communication loudspeakers of Lao Cai city into operation; Participating in issuing 1,500 leaflets of traffic safety warnings of 4D national highway; promoting the admission of new members of Lao Cao Bridge and Road Association (75 members so far).

In the first 6 months of 2018, it mobilized people and rich persons to build 80 rural bridges, 16,018m of concrete roads; three houses  to the poor (Ben Tre Bridge and Road Association). Frequently maintaining the meetings of the Association and sub-associations; the Standing committee of the association takes time to work closely with sub-associations, guide activities, tackles difficulties for them. Buying 10 issues of the Vietnam Bridge and Road Magazine to grant to sub-associations for them to read, research and apply the experience of other associations (Phu Yen Bridge and Road Association, Ben Tre Bridge and Road Association, Lang Son Bridge and Road Association, Lao Cai Bridge and Road Association, etc.), Mr. Ngo Thinh Duc said.

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