Congratulations to the 14th National Assembly deputies working in VUSTA system

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In the election for the 14th National Assembly (term 2016-2021) on May 22, 2016, 21 elected deputies are currently holding management positions or working in the system of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) and its member organizations (full-time or part-time).

On this occasion, Prof. Dr. Sc. Dang Vu Minh, President of VUSTA, on behalf of the presidium, respectfully sent warm greetings and wished the comrades would always be healthy, happy, having more contribution to the operations of the highest power body and more dedication to the development of the country as well as of VUSTA.

Below is the list of 21 deputies of the 14th National Assembly working in the system of VUSTA (in alphabetical order).


1. Eng. Le Minh Chuan – Vice President of the Vietnam Institute of Mining Science and Technology



2. Dr. Sc. Phan Xuan Dung – Vice President of the Vietnam Federation of Mechanics Engineering Associations



3. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Lan Hieu – Vice President of Ho Chi Minh City Pediatric Cardiology and Congenital Heart Diseases Society.



4. Dr. Sc. Nghiem Vu Khai – Vice President of VUSTA



5. Dr. Dang Quoc Khanh – President of Ha Tinh Provincial Union



6. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Khanh Phong Lan – Member of Standing Committee of Ho Chi Minh City Chemical Society


7. Historian Duong Trung Quoc – Member of VUSTA Central Council, Vice President cum Secretary General of the Vietnam Association of Historical Sciences, Chief Editor of Xua & Nay Magazine


8. Dr. Nguyen Van Quyen – President of Vietnam Lawyers Association



9. Mr. Nguyen Duc Sau – Standing Vice President of Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association



10. Mr. Nguyen Ba Son – President of Da Nang City Bar Association



11. Mr. To Van Tam – Member of Standing Committee of Kon Tum Bar Association


12. Mr. Nguyen Tao – Member of Executive Committee of the Lawyers Association



13. Dr. Nguyen Viet Thang – Member of VUSTA Central Council, President of Vietnam Fisheries Association



14. Mr. Ngo Trung Thanh – Deputy Head of Lawyers Association Branch of the National Assembly Office



15. Mr. Duong Van Thong – President of Yen Bai Provincial Union



16. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Anh Tri – President of the Vietnam Hematology and Blood Transfusion Association and Hemophilia Association



17. Dr. Le Quang Tri – Member of the Executive Committee of the Vietnam Food Science and Technology Association



18. Mr. Le Tuan Tu – Vice President of Khanh Hoa and Vietnam Psycho – Pedagogical Association




19. Mr. Duong Minh Tuan – Member of the Standing Committee of the Lawyer Association



20. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Quang Tuan – Member of the Executive Committee of Vietnam Medical Association



21. Dr. Mai Thi Anh Tuyet – Vice President of An Giang Provincial Union

Author: Hong Anh (editor); Pictures taken from the Internet
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