Binh Thuan: Strengthen the role of science and technology intellectuals

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Recently, in Binh Thuan province, the Binh Thuan Union of Science and Technology Associations and the provincial Department of Science and Technology co-organized a seminar to meet science and technology organizations and their members returning from Project 100 and 165. Mr. Luong Thanh Son - Vice President of the Union and Mr. Nguyen Linh Nhon - Deputy Director of the Department of Science and Technology chaired the seminar.

The seminar is an opportunity for the staff in the field of scientific research and technological development of the province to meet, exchange and share the role of science and technology, encourage science researchers to continue their studies and creativity, contributing to the science and technology development; to promote the role of science and technology intellectuals as well as the role of Binh Thuan Union of Associations in service of industrialization and modernization, during the period of the 4.0 revolution, contributing to the socio-economic development of the province.

Speaking at the seminar, Mr. Luong Thanh Son - Vice President of Binh Thuan Union said that Vietnam Science and Technology Day is not only to honor the team of science and technology staffs but also to present their own achievements on research and development of technology, to communicate and raise people's awareness on science and technology, to pay attention to invest and apply science and technology in production and  in life,  at the same time to encourage and nurture the passion of scientific research of the young generation, especially to bring into play the learned knowledge of the returning members from Project 100 and 165 of the province.

At the seminar, scientists have asked the provincial authorities and concerned agencies to pay more attention to the local science and technology development by divers activities such as cooperating with the research institutes and universities to create intensive scientific groups, researching and proposing models of hi-tech agriculture application; promoting the receipt of science and technology ideas; continuing the research and development of dragon fruit and other advantages of the province, publicizing the accepted projects, the won solutions of technology creativity competition festival to apply.


Author: Pham Cong Luan
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