Assessment of coordination between VUSTA and Vietnam Administration of Forestry

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Mr. Pham Van Tan – Vice President cum Secretary General of VUSTA delivered the opening speech

Mr. Pham Van Tan – Vice President cum Secretary General of VUSTA delivered the opening speech

On the afternoon of July 30 in Hanoi, Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA) and Vietnam Administration of Forestry (VNFOREST) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) held a workshop on "Assessment of coordination of 2017 – 2018 Science and Technology activity, development of the 2018 – 2019 science and technology activity coordination plan”.

Attending the workshop were Mr. Pham Van Tan - Vice President cum Secretary General of VUSTA; and Mr. Pham Van Dien - Deputy Director General of Vietnam Administration of Forestry and representatives of departments, divisions and boards of the two parties...

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Pham Van Tan, Vice President and Secretary General of VUSTA, said that this is the program of coordination of scientific and technological activities in the 2014-2020 period signed on 18 June 2014 between VUSTA and VNFOREST. Two parties have developed a very specific science and technology cooperation plan for each year which is signed by the planning year. On July 21, 2017, the two parties continued to sign the 4th Science and Technology Cooperation Plan (2017-2018). Over 4 years of implementation, the program has strengthened the state management of VNFOREST and developed the implementation of consultancy, judgment and social expert of VUSTA, especially in the process of developing the Forest Law 2017 in replacement of the Law on Forest Protection and Development in 2004, developing 04 Decrees and 07 Circulars detailing a number of articles of the Forest Law to improve the legal basis of the forestry sector.

In addition, the Program has attracted the participation of not only experts and scientists, but also political and social organizations – groups that gather evidence on the basis of the field work and community work. By participating in this activity, socio-political organizations have more opportunities to communicate the results of forestry programs and projects to policy makers and state management agencies, which demonstrate policy advocacy objectives of VUSTA.


Mr. Pham Van Dien – Deputy Director General of VNFOREST and Mr. Le Cong Luong – Vice Secretary General cum Office Secretariat of VUSTA co-chaired the workshop

At the workshop, representatives from VNFOREST, Ms. Ha Thi Mung - Director of Science and Technology and International Cooperation Department of VNFOREST reported the summary of results of science and technology cooperation between the two parties in the past year. Specifically, the two parties have held many workshops at various levels to give comments on the draft law. As a result, the Forest Law was passed by the XIV National Assembly at its fourth session on November 15, 2017, effective from January 1, 2019, which replaced the Law on Forest Protection and Development in 2004. Giving comments on the development of the Decrees regulating some articles of the Forest Law; Inviting various organizations of VUSTA, many experts from the units directly attached to VUSTA to give comments on payment of forest environmental services (FES) (circular 62), guidance on monitoring and evaluation of PES payment; Consultation and support to the National Assembly Council of Ethnic Minorities/Ethnic Affairs Department – National Assembly Office on implementing a special assignment on monitoring of forest allocation to households and ethnic minority communities. Contributing to modification of the Law on Forest Protection and Development: Proposing, discussing the policy of recognizing the nature reserves at community level. Proposing and discussing the policy of promotion of the community participation in the VPA-FLEGT implementation process in Vietnam; Organizing a dialogue between the Drafting Board, representatives of local governments and key farmers, village patriarchs, village chiefs and experts from FORLAND with the participation of members of the National Assembly to hear comments and know problems in the draft law on forest protection and development.

However, the results of implementation of cooperation activities are not equally good in the units directly attached to VNFOREST and VUSTA. In particular, 12 among 79 activities were not implemented due to changes, adjustments of plans from programs or projects or lack of funds for implementation. Science and technology cooperation has been implemented at the agencies directly attached to VNFOREST and VUSTA at the central level. It has just been starting at the local level but there remain many shortcomings.  

In addition, some cooperation activities are formal. The hosting unit implements the work independently without having cooperation from other parties at the beginning, which results in poor quality of the cooperation programs. Although some units have actively coordinated with other parties from the phase of making proposal, detailed planning and implementation of field work, such coordination activities are minor.


Scene of the workshop

According to the plan of science and technology cooperation between VNFOREST and VUSTA in 2018-2019, priority will be given to research cooperation, improvement of forest policy mechanism, assessment of impact of policies programs, projects, and consultancy on development of forestry policy. In particular, activities of 2017-2018 will continue to contribute comments to four decrees and seven circulars detailing a number of articles to implement the Forest Law that is being developed by the VNFOREST.

It focused mainly on the workshops for giving comments on 4 Decrees and 7 Circulars detailing some articles to enact the Forest Law that is being developed by VNFOREST, some workshops on REDD+ implementation, organizing seminars, trainings for capacity building of forest owners and enterprises, wood processing households on legal wood in accordance with provisions of VPA/FLEGT. In addition, there are a number of workshops related to desertification and land degradation, contributing to the achievement of sustainable forestry development.

Promoting and strengthening science and high technology application in forestry production, environmental protection, monitoring of payment for forest environmental services, biodiversity conservation, nature conservation, community based forest management, natural forest management and solutions to climate change adaptation, new initiatives on REDD+/FLEGT/VPA. Cooperating to research, propose, develop schemes, programs and projects related to the forestry sector, restructuring of the forestry sector, contributing to the development of the forestry economy and the management and protection of forest resources.

Continuously cooperating to organize national and international events, conferences, seminars and forums of the forestry sector in line with the functions and tasks of each party. Combining the research, consultancy and judgment to meet the requirements of both parties.

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