2017 National Annual Conference of VUSTA

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Opening speech by Mr. Dang Vu Minh – President of VUSTA

Opening speech by Mr. Dang Vu Minh – President of VUSTA

The 2017 Annual Conference was held by the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology (VUSTA) in Hai Phong on August 10th, 2017. Participating in the Conference, the unions of associations affiliated to VUSTA reported their outcomes, achievements and shortcomings during the first six months of the year.

The positive, practical and efficient contribution to the society.

In giving the opening speech, Dr. Dang Vu Minh – VUSTA’s President expressed his gratitude for the presence of leaders from all sectors and levels as well as leaders of 63 local unions of associations in the Conference. He also informed that, during the first six months, VUSTA and its provincial unions of associations had showed their efforts in solidarity, gathering and promoting the roles of intellectuals in contributing to the development of such associations. At the same time, the Presidium also issued a number of documents steering and guilding unions of associations, member associations, and affiliated science and technology organizations to implement tasks mentioned in the Resolution of Seventh Congress, especially gathering and uniting the national science and technology intellectuals in the period of accelerated industrialization and modernization of the country.

In the context of socio-economic fluctuations all over the world and in the country, it is necessary for the organizations in the entire apparel of VUSTA to renovate, promote and assert their roles and positions so that they can bring about positive, practical and efficient contributions to the society.

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Speech by Mr. Pham Van Tan – Vice President cum General Secretary of VUSTA

Mr. Pham Van Tan – Vice President cum General Secretary of VUSTA highlighted the achievements of VUSTA during the first six months, such as the implementation of the suggestions by the Prime Minister delivered at the meeting with VUSTA in March 2017; the organization of fifth Presidium Conference and third Central Council Conference (session VII) in Tuyen Quang province, the organization of Conference of Unions of Science and Technology Associations in Cao Bang for provinces in the North of Vietnam and Conference of Unions of Science and Technology Associations for provinces in the Mekong Delta area; promotion of organizational consolidation and development of VUSTA, support for the member associations, and continuing the renovation of content and method of operation; implementation of the intellectuals mobilization in VUSTA and its member associations, enhancing  of communication, mobilization, persuasion, encouragement and facilitation for the intellectuals in the field of science and technology to follow the policies and laws of the Government and Party, positively participate in professional activities.

Promoting the activities of consultancy, judgment and social expertise; co-ordinating with Vietnam Fatherland Front in judgment and social expertise; co-ordination with Ministry of Science and Technology, Vietnam Television, Vietnam General Confederation of Labour, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union to organize the Closing ceremony and granting the Vietnam Science and Technology Innovation Award 2016, at the same time initiate the Vietnam Science and Technology Inovation Award 2017; selecting and supporting many member associations, provincial unions of associations, and affiliated science and technology organisations to implement the activities of science research, advanced technical transfer and environment protection; implementing activities of communicating and informing VUSTA’s events and activities; deploying supervision and inspection of aid utilization by affiliated organizations, enhancing  the planning of cooperation activities  with some Ministries, sectors, provinces and agencies which signed agreements with VUSTA, such as Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Natural Resource and Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and Committees of the National Assembly.

Since the beginning of the year 2017, most of provincial unions of associations operated well, had many achievements in organization, and development of many new cells and members; implemented well the socio-poticial missions, gathered and facilitated the intellectuals to participate in science and technology activities; participated in the consultancy, judgement and social expertise for important projects, schemes of the provinces, gradually participated and recommended the policies and plans on socio-economic development for the provinces; and the activities of honoring technical renovation, scientific research, and knowledge dissemination in the field of science and technology had many progresses which bring practical efficiency to the society.

Some provincial unions of associations actively co-ordinated with the ones in neighbor provinces to exchange experience on building the structure, personnel and operation. Many of them actively proposed their provincial People’s Committee to finance expenses for the member associations’ operation. Provincial unions of associations, together with local member associations implemented the consultancy, judgment against many drafted plans, programs, and projects for local socio-economic development. When local departments and sectors invited them for activities of consultancy and judgment against projects at grassroot, provincial level, they participated in the appraisal councils for such projects and schemes. In general, the consultancy, judgment in provinces and cities attracted frequent attention.

Many provincial unions of associations actively proposed the list of programs, projects of the provinces that need consultancy, judgment and social expertise and submitted to the provincial People’s Committee for the issuance of decisions on consultancy, jugdment and social expertise. In addition, these provincial unions of associations already had the alliance programs and research cooperation to create higher efficiency in research and applicaton; signed the joint operation programs with Department of Science and Technology, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Department of Natural Resources and Environment; co-ordinated with science and technology organizations affiliated to VUSTA to organize scientific workshops, training on agriculture, forestry, building new rural areas, education and training, etc. However, there remained some provincial unions of associations having no good conditions for the deployment of science and technology projects and schemes in their provinces. Especially, some provincial unions of associations cooperated with occupational associations and international NGOs. Many science and technology organizations affiliated to VUSTA continue to cooperate, implement projects on energy, agriculture, health, gender equality, poverty reduction and community development, capacity building which were financed by international organizations and international NGOs.

There remained many difficulties and obstacles

According to the reports by provincial unions of associations, in the first six months, there were still many difficulties. For example, the gathering of intellectuals still faced obstacles; the intellectuals participating in the professional associations were limited, especially young intellectuals and those working for enterprises and out of the province; the efficiency of scientific and technological activities, training and scientific knowledge dissemination remained limited; the content and method of operation were not diversified; and the consultancy and proposal on issues relating to intellectuals, science and technology and operation of the associations which were submitted to the Provincial Party, People’s Committee were inadequate.

The consultancy, judgment and social expertise: mainly the co-ordinative, small missions which are not proportional to the potential of the Unions. Regarding the external affairs and cooperation, domestic and international sponsors have not been attracted to provide support for the operation of the Unions and their member associations. Some member associations have not followed strictly the prompt and sufficient reporting regime on their organization, operation; activities attached to provincial projects, schemes and missions of relevant departments and sectors remained unfrequent.


Participants of the National Conference

The reasons for the above-mentioned shortcomings are: the awareness of some relevant leaders in regulatory authorities about such associations’ activities is not sufficient; the inconsitence in the guidance by Party and Government’s documents partially influenced the development of provincial unions of associations; the budget is limited, the facility and equipment in the offices of provincial unions of associations and their member associations have degraded, the means for operation of standing bodies and some member associations are not sufficient. Because of limited regular personnel, many tasks cannot be implemented. A number of officials takes side work, the policies and regimes depend on the attention of the competent authorities of each province, the allowance regime for officials and staffs in provincial unions of associations is just implemented in some provinces, there is a lack of unification and many officials want to change their jobs.

The consultancy for Party Committee and provincial authorities on the implementation of professional tasks in some member associations remained limited, inactive, especially in proposing to provincial Party Committee, and provincial People’s Committee on the important and practical issues in the construction of guidelines, policies for socio-economic development, in science and technology, and in exploiting fully the potential of intellectuals in such provinces. The coordination among member associations, the consolidation of the apparel, and the promotion of internal resources of VUSTA and its member associations are not closed. The socialization has not been mobilized actively for increasing budget for activities and general development; operation contents have not been guided actively to member associations and the promotion, renovation as well as the improvement of quality and efficiency of the operation have not been really active, positive and creative.

In summing up the Conference, Dr. Dang Vu Minh emphasized: In order to successfully achieve the missions of VUSTA set for the year 2017 and upcoming years, it is necessary for provincial unions of associations to promptly and strictly implement the tasks and solutions set in the documents of the Seventh Meeting of VUSTA, and agree to enhance the quality and efficiency for the development. The provincial unions of associations, basing on the planned activities set from beginning of the year, and the practical situation, shall review the implemented plans and early perform the remaining plans of the year. VUSTA will continue to push up the procedures and create legal corridors to facilitate the consolidation and development of its member associations and the development of affiliated organizations in accordance with the Law on Science and Technology 2013. It is necessary to enhance the connection, co-ordination and support among VUSTA and provincial unions of associations and its member associations. It is also important to enhance the efficiency of the co-ordination with member associations, continue to implement tasks and plans of year 2017, especially the consultancy, judgment, and social expertise, science and technology appliance and environment protection, tasks of knowledge communication and dissemination, communities development and poverty reduction; promote the organization of competitions, and developing action plans for year 2018.

For the next months of the year, VUSTA will concentrate on steering, cooperating with the Alliance of Arts and Literature Associations of Vietnam and the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations and working with high-level leaders and competent authorities to submit reports on activities in order to consolidate its role, position and of other unions. Key tasks for the consolidation, development, enhancement of cooperation between VUSTA and its affiliated associations are paid close attention. Organizing for the effective implementation of professional tasks; building some tasks, key plans of large scale, giving more opportunities for the participation of member associations; paying attention to the enhancement of quality for the consultancy and proposal submitted to competent authorities of the Party and the State; enhancing the effectiveness of consultancy, judgment and social expertise; organizing effectively science and technology knowledge dissemination and applying science and technology knowledge to life and production; paying attention to innovative movement in the field of science and technology, competition, awards and honoring intellectuals. Paying attention to the cooperation with the Party, National Assembly, the government in order to consolidate VUSTA’s role and position in the political system. It is necessary to continue pushing up the cooperation with relevant ministries and sectors basing on signed agreements; actively participate in supervision activities organized by the National Assembly, the Vietnamese Fatherland Front; implement pre-evaluation, summative evaluation and push up the implementation of coordinated plans signed by VUSTA and local ministries, authorities and sectors. Enhancing the cooperation between VUSTA, its member associations with international organizations, paying attention to strategic partners with strong potential science and technology.

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