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Speaking about Uncle Ho with the science, first of all we have to remind the grandiose scientific work he had created, that is to find out the uniquely right path of national salvation. The path closely linked national independence with socialism - a work of decisive impact on the cause of Vietnam liberation and a large contribution to explore the way of liberation for oppressed nations worldwide.

For attaining such invention, such scientific work, young Nguyen Tat Thanh with his great, lofty aspiration of national salvation and people’s rescue, had left his fatherland for coming to the very nation which is enslaving his fatherland. Not only so doing, he had wandered around through all the five continents to see by his eyes the social realities in the imperialist countries as well as in the colonies. He had discovered social contradictions of those countries, studied spiritual and material civilisation in various nations. From all such observations, with an independent and creative thinking, he came to a conclusion that national liberation must be closely linked with social, human and mankind emancipation.

Via research labour, study and struggle, He had come to the Karl Marx doctrine, creatively applied it to the concrete reality of our nation, improved the traditional quality of inflexible struggle, developed the millinary patriotism of our nation to socialist patriotism in par with genuine internationalism.

He had discovered the development laws of the society in colonies, the organic relationship of these laws with development laws of imperialist countries’ society. Therefore, he had closely linked the cause of national liberation struggle with the cause of proletarian revolution. The path conducting him to the cause of that grandiose scientific creativity was a long, hectic and painful itinerary launching in the life and struggle, in the substance of quintessence of the epoch’s most progressive ideology value.

Exactly as Karl Marx had said: there isn’t any imperial path in science.

During all his life struggle, Uncle Ho had applied the method of dialectical materialism and historical materialism in laying the fundament for national science, in pushing our national social science up to a high level, manifested in programmes and line of the Vietnam Communist Party. He had applied this method, in combination with traditional experiences and concrete realities of the country for finding out the most effective organisation forms, from the organisation of the party, to the organisation of people’s armed forces and that of the united national front, together with compatriots and fighters nationwide for creating the Vietnam people’s war, the Vietnam military science and art in the new epoch which is obviously far more superior in character as compared with the capitalist military science and art.

During decades of leading the people’s insurrection and the people’s war, Uncle Ho had put in the first rank the human factor, and at the same time, he also emphasized the material and technical factors. He said: “Men first, guns second, once we have men, we get everything”. When our people rise up for the fight, Uncle Ho stressed the role of revolutionary ideal which becomes material strength when it penetrates deeply into the large mass. Regarding material and technical factors, He launched an unforgettable call: “he who has a gun, uses the gun, he who has a sword, uses the sword, he who hasn’t gun, sword, uses pick, shovel, stick. “When the people’s armed forces had grown stronger, He unremittingly reminded officers and soldiers to learn and to grasp military technologies for arduously advancing on the long way of science and technique revolution.

Since the first days of national liberation, for realizing the cause of national construction as well as of fierce resistance war, He had early put forth the development of culture, education and science. The illiteracy must be wiped out, the famine eradicated, the foreign invasion annihilated. People must acquire knowledge for participating in management of the nation. Education is for training each people to be aware of the virtue and ethics necessary to a citizen, to learn and to act accordingly. Very early, He had called the teachers’ staff to be skillful in educating, pupils/students to be smart in learning, thus making an effort so that within a short time reaching the summit of science and technique. He said, for building socialism, it is a must for mastering science and technique. The party has to grasp science and technique as a motive force.

He had followed up each maturity pace of the army, each development step of the economy on science and technique aspect. He attached much importance to the training of cadres, the nurturing and proper using of talents, especially in the fields of Party building, army strengthening, weaponry development as well as sectors of education, university and medicine of the country.

Quite too few persons remind that each time He got to hear about a new initiative/invention on science in our army, our people, He had paid much attention to know it concretely, to be informed on the use, the manufacture of a weapon, the selection, hybridation of new plant varieties, as well as information technology or spatial technique achievement.

Since He was President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, on his bamboo table in the maquis or on his simple work table at his modest house on stilts in Hanoi, always there were new journals, new books in Vietnamese, English, Russian, Chinese, French languages. In his curriculum vitae at the International Communism Organisation, about the Education degree, He had mentioned “Self Taught”, likewise, in after years, He persists in considering self taught as important. He said: Learning is without limit. When he was 76, in a meeting with young people, He confided: “Although I am old, but I still continue to learn. Learning forever, still living and working, we have to learn. Learning for knowing about culture and science. Just only in learning, in scientific creation, we could find out new values, eradicate ignorance, old outofdate habits, find out new truths for building and renovation, for reconstruction of nature and society”.

His vivid and brilliant example of attaching much importance to learning, to science, as well as his arduous, strenuous path of learning and studying for finding out the truth, are eternal example and path for us to follow in perpetuity, aiming at positioning our people, as  Uncle Ho had instructed, in the summit of science and technique, considering it as a decisive factor for building a happy life and a civilized society, to go side by side with other nations worldwide.

On the occasion of commemorating his birthday, each of us, mostly scientists, have to assign ourselves a task of exceeding effort to learn, study and create for contributing together with all our people to the preparation of prerequisite conditions for our country in its pace to the XXI century.

General Vo Nguyen Giap

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