“Uneducated” inventor

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“Uneducated” inventor

With passion for scientific research, Dinh Thai Phong, a farmer from Gia Tan 2 commune, Thong Nhat district, Dong Nai province has invented various kinds of machines for farming and daily lives.

Phong said when he recognized the limitation of poultry brooding machines on sale in the market in 2008, he decided to invent a six-in-one brooding machines.

After the brooding machine was successfully experimented and came onto the market, Phong started working on other machines such as a six-in-one cutter which can be used to cut steel, aluminium, wood, enemelle tile, concrete, and stainless steel. Clothes hanger, environment-friendly paper bag, automatic electricity generator, and so on.

Despite the fact that he has never been educated at any technical school, all of his inventions were brought to life for the benefit of people.

At the early stage, financial shortage made him buy waste material for his inventions. Phong said he had to choose the material very carefully as it was “garbage”. At the Dong Nai 2013 Technical Contest, he submitted 25 entries and bagged a first prize and three consolation prizes for his products.

“At this year’s contest, I intent to submit 40 inventions in different fields including automation, energy, environment, health care and education,” he said.

His products are now on sale not only in Dong Nai but also in neighbouring provinces and cities. With 20-25 products sold every month, he earns an average of 20 million VND per month.

Author: Translated by Dic
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