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A number of members of research group stand by the ordered machine - Photo: Nhu Lich

A number of members of research group stand by the ordered machine - Photo: Nhu Lich

Many researching students have redundant enthusiasm and passion but lack of experience, capital, and relationships, etc. However, by their own effort or thanks to assistance leverage, many of their ideas have been applied into the life.

Low price but high efficiency

Recently, a plant specializing in processing boards for Japan in the Vietnamese – Singaporean industrial zone (Binh Duong province) placed an order for a small auto pasting component fixing machine.

It is truly a good news for the group of young designers (including 6 students and 4 teachers) under the HCMC University of Technical Education – those who succeeded in researching the aforementioned machine. As the guider and direct participant in the research, Le Tan Cuong (Deputy Director of the Center for Research and Technology Transfer doubling as Chairman of the Young Scientists Club of the university) said that the concern urging them to carry out this subject was: “At home as well as abroad, they almost has just only manufactured the kinds of large-capacity auto pasting components fixing machines with selling price ranging from 5 to 6 billion dong/machine. Therefore, they are only supplied to great corporations and companies. Meanwhile, Vietnam has many small and medium enterprises, how can we own those machines?”

After 6 months of testing, the group produced the version of an auto pasting components. The machine can fix the mobile phone 0805 and unpolarized capacitor. The components are fixed pretty accurately in co-ordinate and angle, overcoming directly fixing by hands which is uneven and probably harmful to the skin (due to lead exposure). Additionally, the machine has a control software easy to use and monitor the operation efficiency, limiting incidents.  

Versatile crib - Photo: Le Thanh


The machine has a compact size (with parameters as 500 mm in length x 350 mm in width x 280 mm in height) easy to arrange in small production areas; a low price (nearly 100 million dong); a decrease of labor cost and an increase of working productivity many times. Those are advantages making this product receive positive feedbacks from a number of enterprises. Some companies even had no reservations in placing an order at a price about 85 million dong.

Evaluating the applicability of students’ long researching works in general, Le Tan Cuong thought: “In Vietnam, many researches are usually unpractical. Students have lot of young passion but no capital, orientation, experience, and relationship. As a result, the instructors and school play a critical role in turning that passion into scientific products meeting the practical needs of society”.

Versatile crib for children

A crib can be used as many functions since the child was born until he/she goes to school. Tran My Kieu Tram (student of HCMC University of Architecture), who designed and manufactured versatile crib for children form 0 to 5 years old, explained the reason for the birth of this product as following: “Children are always cared and loved by all members in family. Preparing for the child’s birth, his/her parents spend a quite great mount of money for shopping some stuffs for their child. Crib is a necessary product given priority for shopping by each father or mother because it affects the child’s sleep. However, the efficiency of products currently on the market has yet to be appropriate to the parents’ customs as well as children’s psychophysiology. Therefore, I want to do study to create a new product of versatile crib with high efficiency and safety for children.”

The major material of this production is 18 mm-thick MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) in a size of 1.200 x 2.400, with many advantages such as smooth and plane surface like natural wood, no warping and chipping, and well soundproofing and heat insulation. Another preeminence of the crib is ease for being disassemble or assemble, even though no nail or screw is found out. According to Kieu Tram, this product can switch function in accordance with each stage of psychophysiological development of the child. In the period from 0 to 2 years old, crib is a safe place for the child to sleep and play when the mother is busy in cooking, making the formula, or washing, etc. At the age from 2 to 3, the child does not agree to stay in the crib anymore, but likes to discover the surroundings. Therefore, we can take advantage of the crib to assemble into a teeter for 2 people in order to help the child develop his/her musculoskeletal system. When the child turns kindergarten age (from 3 to 5), he/she has known how to see a picture, photo, and storybooks, so that we can change the crib into a table and a chair for using as studying or playing place. Getting older and no longer in demand for use this product, the crib will be salvaged to create   cũi sẽ được tận dụng để lắp ráp thành shelf for books, toys, or TV of the whole family or only the child, etc.

As designed, the versatile crib includes 2 product lines with bright colors and eye-catching graphic details of stylized animal and flower, helping the parents have many choices according with interior space as well as meeting interests of both boys and girls. Each product has an average price of nearly 2 million dong in a duration from 7 to 10 years. 

Như Lich – Le Thanh - Thanh nien

Translated by Nga Nguyen


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