The Prime Minister approved commentary and critical opinions of VACNE experts

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The Prime Minister has been approved enthusiastic opinions with specifically scientific proof of the Vietnam Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment (VACNE) about planning special-use forest system.

Pursuant to Decision No. 1976 / QD-TTg of Planning special-use forest system nationwide development through 2020, with orientations toward 2030, Pia Oac - Phia Den in Cao Bang will be classified from Nature Reserve to National Park; merged Du Gia Natural Reserve with Khau Ca Natural Reserve and  then transferred as National Park that submitted by VANCE experts.

This is a significant change in order to improve Special-use Forest system in all the country (2.4 million ha in 2020), in cluding 34 National Parks, 58 Nature Reserves, 14 Species Reserves and 70 landscape Reserves and area of experimental research..

 It comes through the long-lasting efforts of the scientists of VACNE during 2 years. The experts of VANCE frequently conducted experimental research, and collaborated with locals and authorities to propose straightforward and objective comments which are consistent with the reality of social life.

Previously, the Prime Minister approved many commentary and critical opinions of VACNE experts about adjusting the planning or protecting landscapes as Tam Dao Resorts 2, bauxite exploitation in Dak Nong ...

The Congress approved lots of consulting comments of VACNE professionals about: Law on Biodiversity, Law on Tax Environment or Law on Environmental Protection...


Translated by Nga Nguyen

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