Talented barefoot engineer

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Talented barefoot engineer

The solid medical waste treament incineratior, invented by Trinh Dinh Nang, has brought about benefit to his country.

Born in Bac Kan, Mr Nang, whose father is a doctor, is always interested in the medical sector, especially the treatment of hundreds of tons of medical waste from hospitals. He, therefore, decided to invent a solid medical waste treatment incinerator.

In 2009, he submitted his project to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MST) and in 2012, he received a patent for his incinerator.

Mr. Nang’s solid medical waste treatment incinerator is a self-contained Nano-technology system which can remove all kinds of harmful smoke and dust. It is said to surpass many other products of the same kind made in developed countries.

Mr. Nang affirmed that his completed incinerator is portable and can be used anywhere electricity is available. The temperature in the centre of the incinerator can reach up to 1,800oC so its takes less time to treat the waste

It is said by the MST that Mr. Nang’s incinerator is the first medical treatment equipment that meets the standard of the Ministry of Natural Resoures and Environment.

It saves 80 pecent of fuel in comparison to imported incinerator, said the MST, adding that it costs only VND2,000 – 5,000 to treat a kilo of medical waste.

After Mr. Nang received the patent for his invention, a German Company has offered him more than 300,000 euro to buy his licence. However, he said no to the German company and wanted to cooperate with them.

This invention belong to not only me, but the Vietnamese people, so I will not sell it, he said. He is also worried that the German Company may sell it again to Vietnam at a much higher prices.

I want to generate more jobs for local people in my home town, he said.

Dan Viet Newspaper cited Do Tuan Khiem, Director of the Bac Kan Department of Science and Technology, as saying that Mr. Nang’s inventions is a economical and good one, which have successfully used advanced technology in the world.

The products has been put into use in Bac Kan, Tuyen Quan, and Thanh Hoa provinces. With adequate investment, Mr Nang hoped he can reduce the price of the machine.

Philosophy doctors can not distinguish between glass and rice plants

According to the latest statistics estimated by the Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam has about 24,000 philosophy doctors, 633 of them are working in colleges and 8,519 in universities.

However, Vietnam has had to import machines for ages, as “philosophy doctors” has failed to invent.

Pro. Science Dr. Tran Duy Quy said there are still PhD of agriculture who can not distinguish glass and rice plants, while many PhD of economics are still easily cheated by foreign companies, causing huge loss to state budget.

This is attributed to “copy-paste projects”, Prof Quy said, adding that the development of information and technology has accidentally encouraged people to use other people’s projects.

Dr. Nguyen Van Vinh, former President of the Institute for Social Development Studies mentioned an unfeasible research project carried out a PhD candidate, in which the candidate proposed promoting dialectical thinking for Vietnamese officials by setting up training rooms.

The project was then approved and the author is now a very important person, he said.

Dr. Vinh added that the inadequate portgraduate training in Vietnam is one of the reasons leading to the low quality of Vietnamese Philosophy doctors.

In fact, not many valuable research projects are conducted by them, he said.

Author: Phuong Nguyen Translated by Dic
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