Schoolboy passionate about scientific research

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Schoolboy passionate about scientific research

The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (The Intel ISEF) held in Thua Thien Hue has discovered pupils with passionate interest in doing scientific research and inventing applicable products.

Tran Quang Hung, from Cao Thang High School, is one of these pupils, who won the first price at the provincial Intel ISEF and third price at the national contest.

At Cao Thang High School, teachers and pupils are familiar with the image of a schoolboy who attentively studies the electrical circuits at the school lab. He is Tran Quang Hung, who got high prices of the provincial Intel ISEF in two consecutive years.

In 2012, when he was at the 10th grade, he won the first price in thematic areas and second price of the provincial Intel ISEF 2012 with the scientific product “Helmet equipped by safety warning and anti-theft device”. Hung was then selected to attend the national Intel ISEF and won the third price.

The device mounted on the Helmet was connected with the motorcycle’s electric starter, functioning as the key. Therefore, the motorcycle will not be able to operate if the driver does not wear helmet. Actually, this device is developed based on the results of the product that brought him the first price at the provincial Intel ISEF when he was at 9th grade of the Nguyen Chi Dieu Junior High School.

With great passion for ensuring traffic safety, at the 2013 Intel ISEF, Hung submitted a device that could send traffic accident and theft signal through message and GPS. This is exactly a tilt sensor with the GPS intergrated in Sim908, which can be installed in car or motorcycle.

In case the vehicle has the accident, this sensor could inform to the driver’s relatives or friends and help to identify the location of accident. In case of being stolen, the owner of the vehicle could easily identify its location through the howls by connecting to the sensor. His project was guided by Mr. Ho Dac Thai Son, a physics and technology teacher at Cao Thang High School.

Hung’s device is the combination of physics, electronics, informatics and telecommunication. His cheap, applicable, and easy-to-use product brought him one of the four first prices of the provincial Intel ISEF and was selected to attend the national Intel ISEF 2014 in February in Quang Ninh, where he bagged the second price in thematic areas and the third price of the Contest.

This is the happiness and great honor for the schoolboy with scientific passion. Hung said that he “inherited” the passion from his father, who is an electrician.

He said he once spent all his “lucky money” he received from his parents and relatives at Tet to buy electronic equipments and components for his passion.

“I will never give up my passion and wish to be an electrical engineer in the future” he said.

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