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Closing Conference of Year 2016 and Receiving Second-Class Labor Medal

Closing Conference of Year 2016 and Receiving Second-Class Labor Medal

As a politic – social organization of Ha Tinh technology and science intellectual circles and being founded in May 27, 1995, after 22 years of establishment, up to now, Ha Tinh Union of Science and Technology Associations has taken the unique, comprehensive and quick development and deserves to be one of the leading unions over the whole country.

Uniqueness in organization model and creativeness in intellectual mobilization

On the first days of establishment with numerous difficulties, the number of member organizations was only 5 associations with over 100 members out of nearly 14,000 intellectuals, up to now, Ha Tinh Union of Science and Technology Associations (HUSTA) has 31 member unions and 5 dependent science and technology centers. Especially, HUSTA is the only one over the whole country which has a district-class model with 12 unions of districts, towns and city. District-class unions fails to increase the workforce but operates very effectively in terms of solidarity of intellectual mobilization, promotion of creative labor emulation movement, and application of technology science advances into production and life. From the workforce of 3 people and without the head office and the union must borrow an office of Department of Science and Technology, up to now, total number of officers and staff at the office is 08 people, Qualification: 04 masters and 04 bachelors; 01 cell with 06 party members and union organization. Material facilities: There are 4 working rooms, 1 car and office facilities. Apparatus organization includes office and 2 professional divisions.


Cam Xuyen District Union of Science and Technology Associations partially sums up 6 first months of year 2016

Take a clear awareness of importance of intellectual assembling solidarity work, HUSTA consulted the Provincial Committee of the Party, People’s Council and People’s Committee to hold a meeting for respecting the typical intellectuals annually, especially, for mobilizing the intellectual force, science potential and investment capital of intellectual circles outside the province. The union consulted the province’s leaders to hold a conference to get opinions of intellectuals as a Ha Tinh people living and working in Hanoi City, Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces to give the consulting opinions, make suggestions, and contribute their effort into development of the home and country. This is conducted by few provinces over the whole country. After many years of positive preparation, HUSTA collected information to publish the book: “Ha Tinh's children in all parts of the country” with nearly 700 people including professors, associate professors, leaders of levels, commanders in armed forces as Ha Tinh’s children living and working in all parts of the country and holding a meeting in Ha Tinh City to get opinions into the province socio-economic programs.

Pioneering and creativeness in knowledge popularity and communication activities

         Take a clear awareness of information, propaganda and knowledge popularity, HUSTA made a proactive creation in this activity. In 2000, in spite of difficulties in expenditure, HUSTA was brave to connect the high speed internet transmission line with the hiring amount of 1,500,000 VND/ month, built up Website  to serve the communication work. This is a bridge of connecting HUSTA with organizations at home and abroad. From then, office activities have been informative comprehensively. Apart from the electronic website, HUSTA maintains to publish the newsletter “Science and Life” every month and send freely to departments, districts, 262 communes, wards and towns; Create agriculture – rural area column and broadcast on Ha Tinh television; build up the project of computer support, train for communes to introduce information technology to units. Website and newsletters are timely to give information to units for serving the production and life of farmers and get the good response from readers.  HUSTA in coordination with Ha Tinh Newspaper, the Provincial Radio and Television, Department of Science and Technology, the Central Communication Center forces the propaganda of intellectual’s activities on the Provincial Technical Creation Competition; implements and broadcasts the program “Intellectual Ownership”, “Idea – Solution – Creation”; execute specialized reportage on activities of intellectual circles, and creative activities in production and life of officers, civil servants and labor. HUSTA and member associations coordinate with departments, branches and localities to hold hundreds of training classes for farmers and craftsman in trade villages on agriculture production techniques, breeding, soil improvement, desertization prevention, micro-organic fertilizer production by biological finished products Hatimic, fish sauce production technique by applying solar energy technology, rice cultivation, salt removal, model improvement, product enhancement of product quality of villages, model construction to support people for approaching and applying science and technology advances into production and life.  Through training classes, means of media information, newsletters, and HUSTA and member associations regularly propagate activities of intellectual circles and populate the guidelines and policies of the Party, the State and achievements in science and technology for officers and people.

Proactiveness, competence and intelligence in consultancy, judgment and social expertise.


HUSTA and member associations take a proactive and positive participation and offer many opinions to contribute the construction of projects and development plans of departments and localities. The office of HUSTA in coordination with science agencies of the Central Government and provinces implements consultancy and judgment for a number of important projects such as Huong Son Hydropower Plant Project; Ngan Truoi – Cam Trang Hydropower Irrigation Construction Project; Ha Tinh Environment Protection Planning Project; the Project on constructing the Organic Fertilizer Processing Plant from household rubbish of Ha Tinh City; Consultancy and Judgment on delivering land and forest as per Decree No. 23/CP in Ky Nam, Ky Anh; Coordinate with the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations to organize survey, research and perform consultancy duties on transferring the forest land management for the closing report as per Resolution 28-NQ/TW of the Central Government on June 26, 2003 on arranging, renovating and developing the rural areas and State forestry enterprises. Many specialized science associations such Agriculture Association, Forestry Association, Irrigation Association, Lawyers Association, etc. positively implement the consultancy and judgment duties. The fact to be worth recognizing is a consultancy and judgment process with the participation of many experienced officers and specialists in and outside the province. Consultancy and judgment opinions of technical officers and specialists bring the scientific and realistic value and show the intelligence and brave competence, and then many true scientific foundations are given to help leaders of authorities, department, branches to get full necessary information for effective implementation of programs and projects of provinces, departments and localities.

Creative research and transfer of advanced Science and Technology closed with production and life, and sustainable development

HUSTA has many measures to attract, concentrate and promote the potential intelligence of intellectuals studying and resolving lots of issues raised in the practical production and living; participates in planning guidelines and policies of economic – social development; organizes conferences for purpose of contributing opinions to build strategies of economic – social development in provinces, draft documents of Party congress at all levels, programs, schemes, and projects of development of branches.

Successfully implements and puts into operation plenty of research themes, especially the research theme of processing Hoan Xich Huong drug by Doctor Tran Xuan Dang and Moc Hoa Trang drug of Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Company; Research of feeding frog and soft-shell tortoise by Ly Thanh Sac; Research of methods to heat salt and fish sauce by using solar energy in fish sauce producing facilities in Ha Tinh province”.

Movements of promoting initiatives and technical innovation of officers, civil servants and labor citizens are pushed up. Yearly festival of competitions, such as competition of technical initiatives, Initiative competition of Youth, Teenager, and children with new and advanced contents, form of organization, judgment, and rewards, create chances for competitors to introduce more sufficiently and deeply their products and solutions, attract numerous participants from all sections and classes. After 9 times of organizing festival of competitions, the competitions rewarded to 195 excellent solutions in the province, selected 93 solutions for participating in the national festival of competitions, in which 24 solutions were rewarded with national awards. After three times participating in the global exhibition for young prize winners, Ha Tinh province won 3 Gold prizes, 02 Silver prizes and 01 Bronze prize, and were evaluated and praised to be one of the ten provinces to organize good competition of technical initiatives for citizens by Organization Board of national competition festival. The festival of Competitions and Competitions contribute to promote movements of creative work of officers, civil servants and labors; become the places to gather initiative talents from all ages and economic elements in all aspects of research and production, and contribute to bring initiatives with economic values and social meanings into implementing industrialization and modernization of the province.

HUSTA and members make use of assistance from Central ministries, branches, and non-government organizations to fulfill successfully programs, schemes, and projects of economic social development such as the first project of feeding lean pig in Duc Tho; Project of model of agriculture and rural in direction of industrialization and modernization; Project of “Constructing model of sustainable developing ecologic village in the coastal abandoned sand region” in Thach Van commune; project of “motivating community to apply technical solutions to develop production and limit adverse impacts on climate change” in Ky Nam commune; project of application of solar energy in manufacture and process of fish sauce in Cam Nhuong commune supported by Global Environment Fund and UNDP, etc. It is impressed that these projects are successful in terms of efficiency and sustainably, and is widened in the whole province.

Active, creative and effective foreign affairs and international



Project of application of solar energy in manufacture and process of fish sauce in Cam Nhuong commune supported by GEF SGP – Global Environment Fund

Be a province early paying attention to foreign affairs and international cooperation, HUSTA has good relationship with numerous international organizations, the unions of province and city level, specialization unions and Central research centers and institutes.

Up to now, HUSTA has connected with international organizations including: Non-timber forest products (Netherland), Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), Global Environment Fund (GEF), World Bank, Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Japan International Cooperation Agency (Jica), Non-timber forest product fund of Netherland, etc. Therefore, HUSTA and members have appealed tens of projects with amount of tens million dollars, in which the project of biodiversity at the Northern Truong Son mountain range with amount of over 2 million dollars funded by DANIDA is the largest project out of the projects of provincial unions. Project of “Constructing model of sustainable developing ecologic village in coastal abandoned sand region” in Thach Van commune; Project of application of solar energy in manufacture and process of fish sauce in Cam Nhuong commune supported by Global Environment Fund and UNDP, etc., are highly appreciated in terms of initiative, efficiency, and sustainability by Global Environment Fund. Not only the provincial union but members such as Ha Tinh Association for Sustainable Life, Association for Agriculture, Ha Tinh Pro-Poor Center, Ha Tinh Center for Community Development, etc., are also typical associations in international cooperation activities.

  In addition to receiving international aids, HUSTA coordinates with General Department V, Ministry of Public Security in researching and transferring application of new basic crop into production; cooperates with Laos to execute the project of transferring technology of growing and taking care of Aquilaria, builds model of solar battery; Hold talk and sign a minute of Science & Technology cooperation with Department of Science & Technology of Bolykhamxay and Khammuon provinces of Laos People’s Democratic Republics in period of 2012-2013. Coordinate and take part in Meeting and Conference of science and technology cooperation organized by Vietnam Ministry of Science & Technology and Laos Ministry of Science & Technology. Support high quality rice breeds, materials and fertilizers, and instruct technical procedure for trial of growing in the two provinces including Bôlykhămxay and Khămmuộn in Lao People’s Democratic Republics with the scale of 2 hecta per province”, then accept results of good rank. The project is highly appreciated and recorded by Laos.

 Factors contributing to success of HUSTA

Success of HUSTA in the past years is knowing to firstly concern, assistance, and facilitation of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations, of the province, People’s Committee of Province, levels of Party and localities; Activeness and creativeness of Standing Committee and Executive Board of HUSTA and members of Ha Tinh province; Closed coordination and cooperation among the Union of Science & Technology Associations of the province, branches, units, and members, and regular organization of experience exchanges with other provinces in the system; Making use of assistance from international organizations and intellectuals from other provinces, appealing resources positively impacting on development of the province.

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