Inventions of mountainous town’s students

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Three student inventors Thanh, Hiep, and Duy

Three student inventors Thanh, Hiep, and Duy

After the smooth operation of the tiny electric generator and automatic school bell system, the authors, three 12th grade-students of Nguyen Duy special high school (Buon Ma Thuot city, Dak Lak province) feel more highly enthusiastic in new inventions.

Fitting bell for the Provincial Union

Hoang Le Hai Thanh, Tay ethnic, is beloved by his teachers and friends for not only his agility and enthusiasm, but also his creativity in studying and passion for technology.

In 2012, when Hai Thanh heard that the Dak Lak Union of Science and Technology Associations coordinated with the Department of Education and Training and Department of Science and Technology to hold the 1st Dak Lak Provincial Innovation Contest for youth and children, he bravely asked his teacher in charge of Physic for permission to implement the subject “Design of automatic school bell system”. Thanh’s creation won the 2nd Prize of the contest.

Hai Thanh said: “Most schools have been using the bell, gong, and drum as an alarm which need a person to watch the time to sound for a long time. That operates in lack of precision.” From that point, Thanh developed an idea of manufacturing an auto alarm clock, using a relay and an auto shutoff timer. “It is easy to buy accessories for this automatic bell with a low price, a simple assembly, an ease of repair, and a popular use in schools, factories, and workshops. The user only needs to set time and then the bell will comply with the orders. In the near future, my bell will be assembled in the headquarters of the Dak Lak Provincial Union,” Thanh revealed.

A tiny generator

Being in the same Grade 12 for gifted students specializing in Physics as Hai Thanh, two students Huynh Chi Hiep and Ho Quang Duy have also won the 3rd Prize of the 9th National Innovation Contest for Youth and Children (2012 - 2013) with “experiment on phenomenon of electromagnetic induction”.

Model of generator using electromagnetic induction

Applying the knowledge acquired, Duy and Hiep themselves sought components, including 4 CD, 2 copper coils, 4 magnets, 4 small LED lights to manufacture the “generator from phenomenon of electromagnetic induction”.

“Our initial purpose when implementing this experiment is to explain the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction we had acquired at the high school by demonstrating that it is possible for a coil of wire with a magnet to generate electricity,” Duy said.

The tiny generator is preferred and often used for practice by their classmates and schoolmates. 

With a passion for technology, 3 student inventors Thanh, Hiep, and Duy nurture many ideas of researching other applied technological products. Hai Thanh managed to do studies on Java and IOS, Android, and Black Berry operating systems and then he could modify some phone software.  

“I love information and technology and electronics so that I will strive for being a computer programmer specializing in smartphone programming,” Hai Thanh revealed.

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thai, Physics teacher of the class told that all of Thanh, Duy, and Hiep were not the members of national team of gifted students in Physics, but they were students flexible in applying knowledge acquired into the practice and having a passion for technology.

Rare is Hai Thanh, an Ethnic student active in studying and self-motivated in movements, who wants to become an information and technology student. 

Although Chi Hiep often helps his parents to till the field, he is always aware of his school, studies well all subjects, and directs to the facility of electronics of University of Technology. Quang Duy positively participates in all of the class’s movements, including performances and sports and strives for passing the entrance exam of Foreign Trade University. The three inventors are the pride of the school’s class for gifted students specializing in Physics.

Translated by Nga Nguyen

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