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Vice President of VUSTA, Dr.Sc. Nghiem Vu Khai, has opened the project launching ceremony and 2017 Vietnam Renewable Energy Week

Vice President of VUSTA, Dr.Sc. Nghiem Vu Khai, has opened the project launching ceremony and 2017 Vietnam Renewable Energy Week

HANOI- Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations and relevant ministries have officially approved for the go ahead of the project ”Civil society meets renewable energy and energy efficiency“ (or E-Enhance). Funded by the European Union’s non-refundable ODA, the project is co-implemented by GreenID and UfU – Independent Institute for Environmental Issues of German in 4 years, starting from August 2017 to August 2021. The project has total funding of 685,326 euro, of which the EU committed to finance 600,000 euro.

Renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency (EE) are suitable solutions for meeting ever increasing energy demand, reducing the dependence on imported coal and creating economic, social and environmental benefits for Vietnam. Yet, limitation of knowledge and awareness of the benefits and importance of RE & EE is a still barrier to turn them into advantage for the country. Not least, the dissemination of these knowledge to people living in off-grid and poor areas is very limited that requires proper attention given to lessen development gap in these locations.

With the slogan “Share and spread a green future”, E-Enhance project is to focus on increasing knowledge and practical application of RE and EE for the representatives of VNGOs, social and professional organisations, as well as ordinary people living in rural, mountain and island areas, with priority given to those people living in off-grid and poor communities. Basic and advanced training on renewable energy and energy efficiency will be provided to around 1000 people.

In parallel with knowledge transfer, this project will also provide small financial packages to help family households and public locations in the communities install and put into use RE & EE solutions. For off-grid and poor communities the access to affordable and stable energy is a priority for their local development, E-Enhance project, therefore, attaches special importance to create chance for local economic development by helping the communities produce energy on the local level besides environmental protection.


Some pictures of the event

Promoting energy efficiency initiatives in school is also given due attention in this project. “School using energy smartly” initiative will be piloted in at least 10 schools in the north before it will be replicated to other schools in different communities in Vietnam. Owning to the initiative, awareness on energy efficiency among teachers and students will be not only improved, but it will also help school managers cut down electrical bills, contributing to successfully building friendly school model.


In his opening remarks at the event on 21 August, Mr Tom Corrie – Deputy Head of Cooperation Section, European Union Delegation to Vietnam, said "From the European Union side, we are proud to support this project which aims to improve energy use and access to renewable energy sources. We have significant experience of renewable energy and energy efficiency technology in Europe and we consider that this project will contribute to increasing knowledge about these solutions here in Vietnam. The approach of working with civil society organisations is an appropriate way to raise awareness on energy issues, and we look forward to following this project and seeing the concrete results it can bring." said.

Through this project GreenID and our partners want to accompany with the Government in the common effort to increase public awareness and practical action on RE &EE. As a result, the project will contribute to speed up RE development, Green growth, cutting down carbon and greenhouse gas emissions after the orientation of sustainable development for the country,” Mrs. Nguy Thi Khanh, GreenID Executive Director said.

Author: Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen, DIC VUSTA
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