Collecting and uniting Capital scientific and technological intelligentsia

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The Unions in the system of VUSTA are collecting and uniting scientific and technological intelligentsia, associating and coordinating with the member associations, and creating favorable working conditions for the member associations and intelligentsia to prove their intelligent potential for the Capital and the national industrialization and modernization. The reporter of had an interview with Vu Hoan – the President of Hanoi Union of Science and Technology Associations about this issue.

Reporter: Could you tell us how the scientific and technological intelligentsia collection and union are taking place?

Vu Hoan – the President of Hanoi Union of Science and Technology Associations: The Union now has 38 member associations with 50,000 members, including associations specializing in natural sciences, technological sciences, and social sciences and humanities and grassroots associations consisting of an association at ward level. There are 23 Science and Technology Institutes and Centers established in accordance with the Scientific and Technologic Law. The Union standing committee also promulgates regulations on operation and management in order to ensure the operation of the associations at all levels and subordinated units; simultaneously, attaches special importance to strengthening the organization, developing the union branches and members, and bringing their operation into routine.  

The Union now enables the member associations and scientists to operate in the capital area. All activities of the Union base on the principles of democracy, open, explicitness, union, solidarity, responsibility, and sincerity. They are also the foundation for the Union to unite unanimously and develop increasingly strongly.

Reporter: Being a capital association near the Central agency so the Union has good conditions to gather many great experts and scientists to take the responsibility for social consultancy, adjustment, and expertise. Thus, what have the Union done in the last years?

Vu Hoan – the President of Hanoi Union of Science and Technology Associations: The social consultancy, adjustment, and expertise is one of the Union’s important functions. We have had many suggestions for the Drafts of National and municipal Party Congress sessions and many Drafts Resolution of the Central sessions, especially Resolutions related to intelligentsia and science and technology. The Hanoi Capital Construction Master Plan by 2030 and vision to 2050, programs of the Municipal Party Committee’s sessions, Labor Market Scheme, Science and Technology Market Scheme, Scientific and Technological Strategy to 2002, Hospital system and medical network project by 2020 and vision to 2030, School and education system project by 2020 and vision to 2030, Culture Development project to 2020, and Plan of land use in the 2011-2015 period of the City are examples.

Reporter: Annually, the Union and its member associations carry out many award activities, competitions, and intellectual glory in order to encourage the development of production and creation of young scientists and intellectuals. Can you tell us about these activities?

Vu Hoan – the President of Hanoi Union of Science and Technology: Every year, we mobilize the units in the whole city to propose projects to participate in the Contest for scientific and technological creation. Each year, we win from 3 to 6 prizes, which make up 10% the total number of prizes of the whole country. We also appoint the scientists of Chemical Society, Physical Society, Biological Society, and Association for Conservation of Nature and Environment to join with the Department of Education and Training to help the students in schools fulfill their study subject participating in the City’s scientific research and select the subject for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. The member associations such as Math Society, Mechanical Society, and Physical Society annually hold the national Olympic for specialized students. 

Additionally, The Union also honors the titles “Capital Outstanding Young Intelligentsia”, “For Green Environment 2012”, “Vietnamese Food for Vietnamese people’s health”, “Safety Food Processing Enterprise”, “Capital Trusted Brand 2013”, and “Red River Delta Trusted Trade name – Brand”, etc.

Reporter: Can you tell me the strategy of organization development and operation method innovation of the Union to 2020?

Vu Hoan – the President of Hanoi Union of Science and Technology: Now we strengthen our organization and simultaneously develop the new member associations and scientific and technological organizations. We establish some new member associations at the Universities, scientific centers and enterprises and the scientists’ team.

The Union and its member associations should build up the democratic studying, learning, and living environment and advantageous cooperation for the members working in the scientific and technological sector domestically, attract the overseas Vietnamese who are the scientists abroad, reflect honestly the feelings, aspiration, and comments of the Capital intellectual to the leaders of the City, and encourage the talented scientists  and experts to join in the programs such as science and technology, training, vocational teaching, labor exports, hunger eradication and poverty alleviation, and social evils prevention.

It also needs to innovate the operation method of the Union and member associations, bring into play the dynamism and creation of the member associations. Additionally, we cooperate with the city’s functional authorities to construct the suitable mechanism to raise the association’s operation effectiveness.

However, the Party’s Directions and Resolutions currently are pretty complete on scientific and technological development and intelligentsia in the period of enhancing national industrialization and modernization as well as international integration, but the sate institutionalization of a specific policy is slow. Therefore, we hope that the policy on attracting and gathering as well as appreciating the use of intelligentsia, especially building up the organization of intelligentsia and talented intellectuals.

Reporter: Thank you so much!


Author: Bang Thanh Translated by Nga Nguyen
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