Binh Dinh Provincial Union of Science and Technology Associations – 5 years of development

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Social consultancy and evaluation is a typical task of Binh Dinh Union

Social consultancy and evaluation is a typical task of Binh Dinh Union

For 5 years of the 2013-2018 term, Binh Dinh Provincial Union of Science and Technology Associations (Binh Dinh Union) increasingly affirmed its role and position of a socio-political organization and was home to scientific and technological intellectuals in the province. Under the leadership and direction of the provincial Party Committee, the provincial People's Committee, the help of the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA), it has organized many outstanding activities and achieved many positive results.

During the last term, Binh Dinh Union has focused on renewing the content and operation, strengthen the organization and set out specific plans to implement the professional activities effectively. Firstly, it has well implemented propaganda and ideological education, improvement of the professional ethics of intellectuals, contributing to promoting the role of science and technology intellectuals to enhance industrialization and modernization of the country and socio-economic development of the province. It also often reflects the thoughts and aspirations, gathers opinions of the intelligentsia and member associations to be submitted to the Party, State, VUSTA, Provincial Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee and other relevant agencies. As a member of VUSTA and Provincial Vietnam Fatherland Front, Binh Dinh Union fully participates and actively contributes to the activities, conferences and seminars organized by VUSTA; Responding to and participating in campaigns and movements launched by the Provincial Vietnam Fatherland Front, helping to strengthen the unification of the entire population.

The quality of activities of the Union has been significantly improved through the implementation of the project of strengthening of the apparatus of the Union, establishment of the Standing Office, two specialized departments; Planning, selecting and appointing officials and employees according to their titles and tasks; Developing working regulations of the Union, the Executive Committee and the Provincial Party Committee. During the term, the Union has elected four additional members of the Executive Board from the newly admitted member associations, increasing the number of members of the Executive Board from 37 to 41 members; 9 members of the Executive Board and 3 members of the Standing Committee are elected due to changes in the personnel of the Union, member associations and related units. The Union heads always monitor closely, actively the activities of member associations and affiliated units as a coordinator. Over the past five years, six associations and affiliated units have been established and become members of VUSTA, increasing the total number of associations and members from 26 (in 2013) to 32 (in 2018), including member associations, Science and Technology organizations and affiliated units with about 95,000 members operating in all fields of agriculture, aquaculture, information technology, transport, construction, science and technology, culture, tourism, health care, education, universities, colleges, research institutes... The members consist of high-level scientific and technical officials – who are always at the forefront of disseminating, applying science and technology knowledge, technology transfer, contributing to development of scientific research, application of new technological advances in the production and life of the province; participating in social consultancy and evaluation of many scientific and technological projects.

A specific task that is always paid special attention to by Binh Dinh Union is social consultancy and evaluation. During the last term, the Union has proactively proposed and was assigned by the provincial People's Committee to implement dozens of tasks of social consultancy and evaluation in many socio-economic fields; typically the issues at the macro-level such as the master plan for socio-economic development of the province, planning of development of professional sectors, projects and schemes that have direct impacts on people and environment such as: "Reviewing, adjusting and supplementing the master plan for socio-economic development of Binh Dinh province up to 2020 with a vision to 2035"; "Master plan for Binh Dinh fishery development to 2020 and vision to 2030"; "The plan for construction of the concentrated industrial area to the south of National Highway 19 of Binh Dinh province up to 2030"; "Project of development of big timber trees in Binh Dinh province in the period of 2016-2025 and orientation to 2035"; "Planning of Water Resources in Binh Dinh Province to 2025 with a vision to 2035 - allocation and protection of surface water resources".

In picture: Binh Dinh Union organized the workshop to collect comments on the draft version of "Reviewing, adjusting and supplementing the master plan for socio-economic development in Binh Dinh province to 2020 and a vision to 2035".

"Social consultancy and evaluation is a typical activity of Binh Dinh Union during the last term. Many big plans, programs and projects of the province are organized by Binh Dinh Union and promptly disseminated information and directions to help the province to complete important policies, plans and projects, contributing to socio-economic development” said Mr. Ho Quoc Dung, Chairman of Binh Dinh People's Committee.

The periodical activities annually organized by Binh Dinh Union have contributed to the gathering of science and technology intellectuals in the province, namely the Technology Creativity Competition and the Youth Creativity Contest of the whole province. If, during the previous terms, the organization of these contests were to encourage creative learning, in this term, these contests have become a science and technology playground where express a passion for research and devotion of the intellectualisa.  It is also a place to meet, connect and exchange knowledge, practical experience of production of researchers, application of science into professional work in each field and position. This activity has contributed to discovering, encouraging, nurturing, honoring scientific talents in many fields of the province. From the positive results obtained from the contests in the province, the Union also becomes a bridge for works, creating favorable conditions for science and technology intellectuals of the province to participate in the national contests.

Binh Dinh Union is assigned the task of implementing the Technology Creativity Competition Festival once every two years. Over the past five years, there have been 3 competitions organized with 205 registered solutions, of which 99 have been awarded. Especially, the Union continuously nominates its top prize winners to participate in the national competitions. In 2016, it won the third prize, especially in 2017, it won one first prize, one second prize and one consolation prize. The Union is also recognized as one of the units with excellent achievements in the propaganda and dissemination of the National Competition.

Regarding the Vietnam Science and Technology Innovation Awards; In 2016, the province achieved one second prize, two consolation prizes, in 2017, it achieved one third prize and one consolation prize. At the same time, in response to the emulation movement of intellectuals in the whole country, in the past years, the Union voted and introduced 2 outstanding intellectuals of the province for honor at the ceremony of national outstanding science and technology intellectuals (2016 and 2017) and coordinated with the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of the Province, the Department of Science and Technology in selecting and introducing high-quality subjects and projects with high prizes in competitions and contests to be included in the Vietnam Innovation Golden Book 2018.

Honor of outstanding intellectuals are considered one of the typical activities of the Union in the last term. The Union has actively coordinated with related agencies to organize the honor of intellectuals twice on the occasion of the Vietnam Science and Technology Day (the first time of 2016, honoring 34 intellectuals, and the second time of 2018, honoring 62 intellectuals). In addition, it also honored outstanding intellectuals in and out of the province who have achieved excellent achievements in science and technology activities in the province. The honored intellectuals have been more aware of their position and responsibility in science and technology work, thereby continuously studying, improving the expertise to actively contribute to the development of the province.

Representing outstanding intellectuals to make a speech at the 2018 ceremony of honor of outstanding science and technology individuals of Binh Dinh Province; Doctor Pham Van Phu (General Hospital of Binh Dinh Province) shared: "For many years, the Union is actually a bridge, a place of gathering intellectuals with many useful activities to motivate member associations to participate in research and application of science and technology." The Union - "common roof" – is a reliable address for intellectuals in the province to participate in activities and make contributions: "It is the interest of the heads of authorities at all levels that are of great importance to us to "engage" in scientific research, increasingly promote capacity and try more to contribute to the socio-economic development of the province.

The Union presides over the organization of the Young Creativity Contest. This is really a familiar playground for the school age. The exams are attended by students at all levels, thereby promoting the potential and creativity of the young people. Quite a few ideas, solutions and models have been discovered and highly appreciated with a focus on such fields as environmental protection, informatics software, etc. The number and quality of subjects at the contests increased significantly. In the second contest, (2015), there were 29 subjects and 27 out of them awarded the prize; the fourth contest (2017) had 45 subjects and 33 out of them awarded; the fifth contest (2018) had 53 subjects, 43 out of them awarded; Of which, 7 subjects were awarded the prize in the 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th national Young Creativity Contest, including 2 second prizes, 3 third prizes and 4 consolation prizes.

Based on the results of the activities of the Union obtained during the last term, Prof. Dr. Sc. Dang Vu Minh - President of VUSTA said that "Binh Dinh Union has successfully organized the Provincial Technical Creativity Contests and Competitions and even highly appreciated when one of the works of Binh Dinh creators participating in Competitions, Contests and Festivals has been awarded. In addition, the Union advised the provincial People's Committee to organize the ceremony of honor of outstanding science and technology intellectuals, which encourages intellectuals to make contributions to the construction and development of Binh Dinh".

The Union also presides over and mobilizes the team of experts from member associations and S&T units to successfully implement various scientific research projects at the provincial level. Over the past years, this activity has shifted strongly to applied research and technology transfer. Every year, there are many research topics from the grassroots level to the state level implemented by VUSTA, member associations and science organizations, focusing on such fields as application of science and technology to agricultural production, environmental protection, climate change adaptation, health and tourism, and improvement of public services, administration procedures reform, hunger alleviation and poverty reduction, etc. The results of these researches have brought about practical effects and high applicability in life and production, especially in rural areas, difficult areas, which helps improve the environment, healthcare, improve the quality of life of people. There are excellent projects such as: "Building a model of focused waste treatment; domestic waste and livestock waste in Nhon Loc commune, An Nhon town, Binh Dinh province” by AT-YTB microorganism preparation of Thai Binh University of Medicine and Pharmacy. From the high efficiency of the model, the Union is cooperating with some units to continue transferring the results of the projects in the treatment of rural garbage and treatment of smelly stables to the local people of the province or the Project "Transfer of techniques of rice cultivation for flooding and salinization adaptation for communities in the Eastern Dike coastal region of Binh Dinh Province" and the project "Management and protection of coral reef ecosystems of the coastal region associated with community-based ecotourism development in Nhon Hai" funded by the Global Environment Fund have been also highly appreciated after the end of the projects, leading to practical benefits for the people in disadvantaged areas. And many projects are being implemented, such as: "Collecting and preserving the value of medicinal items used in Binh Dinh traditional martial arts"; "Application and transfer of scientific and technical advances to improve the quality and diversification of bonsai in Binh Lam handicraft village (Tuy Phuoc) " that initially bring about positive results.


Head of the project and staffs carry out the project of collection of medicinal items used in martial arts at Master Ho Sung's house (Tay Son district - Binh Dinh province)

Communication and dissemination of scientific and technological knowledge during the last term was paid special attention to by the Union with a focus on innovation of the content, diversity of forms in serving each object and in specific condition. The most prominent operation in recent years with high efficiency is communication and dissemination of knowledge through the Science and Technology Newsletters, published 6 issues per year, and maintaining regular postings on the website 27 issues of scientific and technical bulletins have been published so far; The number of visits to the website has been constantly increasing, with more than 100 visits per day. Up to now, there have been nearly 2 million visits. The content of news is updated quickly, accurately and promptly. Information channels convey useful content to readers and attract the interest of readers in and outside the province; News channel and website have become the link between VUSTA and its member associations and affiliated units with the administrative units of communes, wards and townships in the province and with VUSTA and member associations of other provinces.

On the other hand, the Union takes advantage of the most favorable conditions for the young generation to meet scientists, motivate and nurture their scientific dream. The union actively coordinated the organization of meetups and talks with the world's leading scientists for Binh Dinh young intellectuals. As a result, in the past few years, young intellectuals, generations of students, youth union members in the province benefited from a practical and useful activity which organized exchanges and talks with scientists, professors, Nobel Prize winners of the world. Typically, the Union collaborated with the International Center of Interdisciplinary Science Education to hold a talk with Professor Michel Mayor of the University of Geneva, Switzerland) on the topic "Other worlds in the Universe. The search for the twins of the earth," attracted nearly 1,000 members and astronomy fans; In 2016, it organized a talk with Professor Kurt Wüthrich-Chemistry Nobel winner in 2002 for 1,000 teachers, students, doctors, and the science public in the province. These talks have created the inspiration, optimism, provided more useful knowledge as well as fostered passion for scientific research for the provincial intellectuals, especially for the young people and students.

With positive results in all fields, the Union was awarded Certificate of Merit for 4 consecutive years (2013-2016); In particular, in 2017, the Union was awarded the emulation flag of the Prime Minister, VUSTA, the emulation flag of the provincial People's Committee; in 2018, it was awarded the emulation flag by the Ministry of Science and Technology – VUSTA for its excellent achievements in propaganda, dissemination and organization of awards and competitions in 2017-2018.

It can be confirmed that the 4th term (2013-2018) marked a successful path of Binh Dinh Union. To achieve these results, attention must be paid to the close guidance of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Committee; support of departments, branches and associations in the province; active and timely implementation of the plans and programs of activities of heads of the Union, efforts of the officials and member associations, the solidarity of the science and technology intellectual force of the province with a common goal of building the Union.

In the new term of 2018-2023, with the spirit of "Unity - Responsibility - Creativity - Development", we strive to build Binh Dinh Provincial Union of Science and Technology Associations to become a stable socio-political organization, playing a pivotal role in uniting and promoting the potentials and intellect of the provincial scientific and technological intelligentsia, thus promoting the S&T activities to become the driving force for socio-economic development.

Author: Nguyen Thi Thanh Binh – Chairman of Binh Dinh Union
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