Amateur inventor with multi-purpose life jacket

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Amateur inventor with multi-purpose life jacket

Vo Van Hoang Minh, a former literature teacher and entrepreneur, are very interested in inventing. He is called an “eccentric”.

Mr. Minh has successfully invented a life jacket for fishermen, which has been put into use by the Bac Lieu provincial Department of Science and Technology.

Inventor of the community

The idea of inventing a life jacket came to his mind after a charity journey to a coastal village in 2010. He hoped that the jacket will help people survive for at least a week after the accident. Most of the experts are doubtful that a businessman could invent such jacket although Mr. Minh had successfully invented a hand lifebuoy.

Mr Minh was trained to be a literature teacher before studying marketing. He then became head of the business section of the Saigon Plastic Company. At this time, he learnt a lot about how to produce plastic as well as the characteristics of plastic.

I was really discouraged as nobody supported me. But I thought that fishermen really need it, so I tried my best, he said.

It cost him 200 million VND and took him more than two years to invent such product. When Mr Minh talked about his invention to a leader of Bac Lieu province in 2012, he became interested in it and decided to request the provincial Department of Science and Technology to help the inventor complete the product. After various experiments, it is about to go into production.

Ten times cheaper than imported products

It is said by scientists that Mr. Minh’s life jacket offers hope for extra safety for fishermen, much better than other kinds of life jackets on sale.

According to the judging panel of the 12th Vietnam Science and Technology Creativity Contest, Mr. Minh’s life jacket helps fishermen not only float on the sea, but also relax and sunbathe. It is equipped with a system to prevent sharks from detecting it and a simplified rescue system.

Huynh Minh Hoang, Director of the Bac Lieu provincial Department of Science and Technology, said that the products have been tested and highly valued by scientists, the fisheries associations, and fishermen.

A life jacket costs about US$ 100, while an imported product cost US$ 2,000 – 3,000. The department of science and technology is working with the fisheries association to produce 500 jackets for fishermen in the province.

Mr. Minh said he hopes the jacket can bring about safety and confidence to fishermen whenever they go to the sea.

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