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In Hanoi, there is a street named Tran Huy Lieu. The street is nearly one kilometer, but the life - the career of the man who named this street is too long, too wide and has a lot to say. Because he is a patriotic intellectual, an academician who knows how to build the next generation and especially loves people.

 The first person who laid the foundation for Vietnam's revolutionary history

Professor Van Tao - former Director of the Institute of Vietnam History asked us to visit his home in Back Khoa dormitories in an autumn morning of Hanoi. He recounted his memories about the brother, the teacher, the former chief officer with of all his tender affection: "Mr. Lieu is very confidant. He loves everyone, from superior to laborer. He is a loving man, even in prison. Tran Huy Lieu is an emotional person with witty poems. He is irrespective of young or old, rich or rank. If you have a meeting with him, Tran Huy Lieu is very punctual. "

Professor Tao opened the family album. In there, he solemnly placed the photo of historian Tran Huy Lieu, below the words "Follow Mr Lieu, let's move forward. '" He is patriotic intellectual, passionate, boldly, indomitable. Although imprisoned, tortured and put to Con Dao, was sentenced to death in absentia, but Tran Huy Lieu does not lose his heart. There have also been bought off by a few hundred rice paddies but he is still unshakable ", Professor Van Tao said.

Tran Huy Lieu was born in 1901, he was known as a writer, revolutionary activist, historian and journalist - a great intellectual. He was the first chairman of the Vietnam Historical Sciences, academician of the Academy of German scientists. He was a very passionate patriotic intellectual, absorbing the patriotism from his father, Mr. Tran Huy Trinh - a native teacher in Van Cat, Vu Ban (Nam Dinh).

History is just a small branch of his diverse life, the messy revolutionary of Tran Huy Lieu, he really was the first person who laid the foundation for the historical revolutionary of Vietnam. According to Professor Van Tao, in the previous time, people often mention historians such as Ngo Sy Lien, Phan Huy Chu ... But in the revolutionary period of history we cannot fail to mention Tran Huy Lieu. He was the first person who laid the first bricks ... "Tran Huy Lieu was not educated in History, but when he worked in history, he became a subject of scientific history. He wrote a history of revolutionary not only scientific, but also has a heart." For example when Tran Huy Lieu wrote the " History of 80 years against the French" he knew how to promote predecessors such as Nguyen Quang Bich, Tong Duy Tan ..., and then the movements: Van Than Can Vuong, Ba Dinh, Bai Say, Huong Khe, Yen The ... "He exploited the non-communist but still had contribution. That was a special style of Tran Huy Lieu at this time", GS Van Tao said.

The caution in the use of historical writing of Tran Huy Lieu also helped Professor Van Tao to learn many things. At that time, he was invited to work for Literature, Geography and History Department, together with Mr. Tran Huy Lieu who made the compilation of modern revolutionary history of Vietnam. Then, Mr. Lieu guided younger colleagues and conducted a partial writing. "All 12 books were written and printed in a dozen years. As such one printed, everyone read, commented and repaired. When printing, Mr. Lieu also noted modestly “References of modern era revolutionary history of Vietnam”. “The way to do that in order to avoid mistakes, avoid thinking individuals ... Just so fumbling, 12 books were printed for all to read and comment. This text existed until now is because of the way Mr. Lieu did like that ", Prof. Tao emphasizes.

Tran Huy Lieu has been compared as an "innate" historian by his colleagues. He loved History since he did not work officially in national history research. While became a professional historian, Tran Huy Lieu love of Vietnamese history so much, and has devoted a lot for it. During the historical revolution context, Tran Huy Lieu appeared and left remarkable legacies of a great intellectual personality, its intense patriotism, the spirit of sacrificing for the nation's independence.

In 1953, The History Geography Literature Department was established (in 1954 it was renamed as Literature History Geography Department) under the Central Party Committee by Tran Huy Lieu as its head. This is the primary basis for building a revolutionary social science of Vietnam. Professor Van Tao recalled, when building Literature History Geography Department, human resources was a difficult problem that Tran Huy Lieu always thought about. He wanted to use efficiently combination of the older intellectual and training the younger. Because of this, he tried to propose intervention to facilitate retention of the old intelligentsia who had professional working knowledge as Tran Van Giap, Nguyen Dong Chi, Nguyen Ngoc Tinh, Nguyen Khac Dam ... At the same time, he also recruited qualified young officers as Van Tao, Bui Dinh Thanh, Nguyen Hong Phong, Nguyen Cong Binh, Chuong Thau ...

It was not easy to do in that time; especially the older intellectuals who had personal and ideological differences. Especially during the land reform period, the problem was more difficult, even stress. Professor Van Tao said, such as when Tran Huy Lieu accepted Nguyen Dong Chi to stay in the Literature History Geography Department, Ha Tinh province sent a letter which required Nguyen Dong Chi back to local province to study. Mr Lieu had to ask the Prime Minister Pham Van Dong to keep Mr. Chi to stay, and after that he became a famous researcher Nguyen Dong Chi.

Or about acceptation for Prof. Dao Duy Anh, Prof. Tran Duc Thao ... to work after they have left the University of Hanoi was a drastic decision that only Tran Huy Lieu could do. That decision by Tran Huy Lieu has contributed to promote their talents, contributed to the national sciences. As Professor Van Tao evaluated " Mr. Lieu can do that because he has prestigious, be respected by the intellectuals and he also appreciates their intellectual talent by himself".

Dr. Chuong Thau is now famous as the "Phan Boi Chau’s scholar." But few people know, to achieve that title, the first goal belongs to Mr. Tran Huy Lieu. At one time, Dr. Chuong Thau said: "When I graduated from university, I have found the ability to do research so Mr Lieu told me: in modern history, the research of Ho Chi Minh, the Communist Party are many but the research about persons such as Phan Boi Chau has not been studied. “How to understand fully and systematic about this character, it will be more meaningful work". Because off the main suggestion and encouragement of Mr Lieu that I bold step into the path of Phan Boi Chau research ".

After 68 years of living in heaven and earth, the time was not too long but the revolutionist – intellectual Tran Huy Lieu has left a huge career with many works: Mot bau tam su, Ngoi but sac, Hien than vi nuoc, Nguc trung ky su, Thai Nguyen revolution, Van Than revolution, Modern history of Vietnam revolution, History of 80 years against the French,  Tran Huy Lieu’s poem, Nguyen Trai – life and career, History of Hanoi...  Especially, he left the remarkable feelings in many people's hearts.

Author: Hoang Thu Pho
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