A Physic-specialized student has a passion for creating Information Technology software.

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A Physic-specialized student has a passion for creating Information Technology software.

Being a Physic-specialized student, but Nguyen Tien Manh is very interested in Information Technology. Although he has not had his own computer yet, by his enthusiasm and admirable effort, Nguyen Tien Manh (in Physic-specialized class 12 of Ha Tinh High School for Gifted Students) created a software which has a high applicability in life.

With the subject of “web document management and research support software” in the scientific and technological research contest at national level for Secondary and High school students 2014 in the North, Nguyen Manh Tien (in Physic-specialized class 12 of Ha Tinh High School for Gifted Students) had the honor of being awarded with the scholarship worth 260 million dongs by the FPT University.    

A Physic-specialized student good at Information Technology and English

Despite being a Physic-specialized student, Nguyen Tien Manh’s outstanding achievements are a good English learner and a machine enthusiast. Manh has usually got the final marks of 9.9 in English in many semesters – an achievement makes English-specialized class’s members admire. Sharing his secret of learning English well, Manh avowed that he improved his English by watching Vietnamese-subtitle films on TV. “Each week, I spend about 4 hours on watching interesting foreign films which have Vietnamese subtitles. I find that the characters’ languages are very unique, especially films related to information technology. It is the way for me to learn about new and strange terms of this industry which I will study in the future,” Manh shared.

According to his parents’ words, Manh has shown his enthusiasm and special hobby for machines, especially computer since he was a child. When being at primary school, he got acquainted with technology by chance from the old programming books and he had a passion for the seemingly unintelligible characters and digits unheeded. Whenever he borrowed books or found the relevant documents, he had his mother to photocopy and print in order to mange and learn by himself.

Nguyen Tien Manh with the award given by FPT University

On the summer holiday of Grade 8, because his computer was broken down, so his family asked a computer technician to fix it. While the technician was repairing, Manh got near and helped proficiently that made the technician amazing and admiring. However, this enthusiasm itself sometimes brought worry and anxiousness to his parents. When he was in Grade 9, Manh was awarded by his parents for coming first in the Physic entrance exam to Ha Tinh Gifted High School with a cellphone and a computer. Being so crazy about these equipments, in the first semester of Grade 10, his learning position ranked near the bottom of his class. It was the reason why his parents “confiscated” his cellphone and computer. Additionally, his dream of becoming a computer programmer was not supported totally by his family. However, by his effort and enthusiasm, Manh has changed his parents’ preconception.    

Creating an Information Technology software

Unlike other friends who have a computer as a normal tool, this student does not have his own computer. However, he does not give up his enthusiasm. Having no personal computer, Manh took advantage of the class and extracurricular lessons to use computer at school. In addition, he searched the related documents. The subject of “web document management and research support software” was resulted through these times he practiced here.

Manh told, “At many times, when my friends and I use computers at school or other places, website was usually jammed and sometimes we could not access. Using 3G will cost a large capacity and an expensive expenditure. Therefore, I hoped to create a tool to improve this situation. At the same time, the school launched the contest so I contacted my guidance teacher to ask for his consultancy to develop the subject.” Manh met many difficulties due to using the international programming tool. It is a new tool with English reference material so Manh usually searched and followed the information on web.

The web document management and research support software

After making a strong impression on the teachers by a self-confident presentation, Manh started making his subject come true. Manh was accompanied to implement this first subject by his guidance teacher – Nguyen Duy Dung and his best friend – Pham Ba Thai (Math 1 class 12). Despite narrow time at the end of the school year, both teacher and students had no reservation and took time after school to discuss and complete this subject. After 2 months of research, the web document management and research support software was tested before the admiration of school board. 

 “The outstanding feature of this software is allowing users to view and download the document in high speed even if the average internet connection speed in order to save time and money. Moreover, we can use a free software instead of buying the copyrighted Office. This software helps to view document in different host. Especially, it is very meaningful to use in a smart phone or a computer using 3G because the 3G cost now is very expensive,” teacher Nguyen Duy Dung told.

Nguyet Tien Manh’s effort itself got his parents’ absolute support for his future orientation 

Participating in the competition with nearly 200 subjects of students from the Secondary school and High school in the North, Nguyen Tien Manh with his subject “The web document management and research support software” was appreciated by the FPT University’s representatives for his enthusiasm and investment of time and passion in seriously researching, reading, and studying science.




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