Typical S&T intellectual in 2017: Mr. Chu Duc Khai: A person with devotion to work

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Typical S&T intellectual in 2017: Mr. Chu Duc Khai: A person with devotion to work

Typical S&T intellectual in 2017: Mr. Chu Duc Khai: A person with devotion to work

Mr. Chu Duc Khai was born in 1948 in Son Tay, Hanoi. He is currently the Vice President cum Secretary General of Vietnam Foundry and Metallurgy Science and Technology Association.

Talking with vusta.vn’s reporter, Mr. Khai said: “In the past years, I and the Executive Board held many scientific seminars in association with the consultancy, review and social assessment such as mining and processing of Bauxite, Chromium, Ilmenite Titan; management of investment in the steel industry under the Planning; making a development planning for Vietnam’s foundry industry etc. In addition, we also cooperate with Hanoi’s Metallurgy and Foundry Technology Center and the Central Association to complete the tasks of scientific and technological research with the Department of Science and Technology of Hanoi city and with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, including research on bronze alloy grade to cast outdoor statues; formulating the development orientation of the foundry industry to meet the needs of the national industrialization and modernization period; taking the major role in building the development plan of Vietnam’s foundry industry until 2020, vision to 2025 as issued by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce in 2012; researching on defining the orientations and tasks of prioritizing scientific and technological development for the sustainable development of Vietnam’s black-metallurgy industry until 2015; researching Hafield steel fabrication technology to make hammers for smashing rock and precious ores; successfully organizing 2 international conferences (Asia Foundry: AFC9 - 2005 and AFC 13 - 2015) in Hanoi with hundreds of international delegates from more than 10 countries across the region and in the world”.

Mr. Khai also shared that, “With respect of international activities, over the past years, the Executive Board and I have coordinated well with relevant authorities in successfully organizing the 9th Asian Foundry Conference in 2005 and the 13th Conference in 2015 in Hanoi. Each conference was attended by more than 100 delegates representing more than 10 countries and territories.

In addition, we have cooperated with Taiwanese, British, American and Canadian foundry companies to organize workshops on Foundry materials, Furnace materials etc. to disseminate technical advances in the industry to technical officers of enterprises and members of the Association; working with some companies from South Korea, Finland, Japan, Germany... and introducing them to Vietnamese foundry enterprises to contact, exchange their demands for purchase and sale of foundry products, Fero of Vietnam; cooperating with South Korean’s Foundry Association on the development of silicon aluminum alloy foundry technology; and cooperating with Indian Foundry Association on the research and development of anti-corrosive alloys in harsh environment”.    

“I myself have actively participated in regular meetings to contribute ideas with the Hanoi Party Committee’s Propaganda Committee and the Central Committee for External Relations on scientific, technological and social issues at the meetings held by the City’s Party Committee and the Central Committee for External Relations within the framework of People’s External Relations,” Mr. Khai said.

As the Chairman of the Board, he has helped the Department of Intellectual Property consider the tasks under the Government’s Program 68 on “Supporting enterprises to develop intellectual property”; assisted the Ministry of Industry and Trade in selecting scientific and technological tasks to be deployed annually; coordinated with the Vietnam Metrology Association in surveying the implementation of the Law on Technical Standards and Regulations and development of research outlines through the years; and contributed ideas to the draft High-technology Law of the 12th National Assembly.

Mr. Khai also organized consulting and working sessions with foundry enterprises in Hanoi, Nam Dinh, Hai Phong with a number of foundry enterprises of Taiwan, Thailand, USA... to find markets for the enterprises.

Besides, he also edited the English translations for articles on energy saving on the website of the Ministry of Industry and Trade;  consulted the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to develop the Regulation on Import of Scraps (scrap steel, plastic, paper...); consulted on reasonable use of electricity for economic development, hunger elimination and poverty alleviation (a project funded by Sweden); consulted on the project of Application of Cleaner Production in Industry (funded by the Government of Denmark); consulted on a UNIDO’s project to support the Ministry of Industry and Trade in developing an Action Plan to Respond to Climate Change; consulted on a UNIDO’s project on applying BAT/BEP to minimize hard-to-decay organic pollutants and unintentional emissions in steel production, which has been published as a guidebook and widely distributed to steel producers; consulted on a UNIDO’s project on “Efficient use of resources and energy in the steel industry”; consulted on the Green Industry Development Project in Vietnam funded by UNIDO; attended and giving presentations on behalf of Vietnam’s steel industry at TOKYO Green Industry Conference in Japan in November 2011; participated in defining national standards, technical regulations, science and technology tasks with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Science and Technology; consulted on a WB-funded project on “Innovation - creativity towards low income people” with the Ministry of Planning and Investment as the Vietnamese partner.

With achievements in intellectual mobilization and scientific and technological research activities, VUSTA has decided to honor him as the Typical Science and Technology Intelligence in 2017 and proposed the Prime Minister to award him the Certificate of Merit.


+ 2005: Certificate of Merit of the Price Minister;

+ 2007: Third Class Labor Medal and some Certificates of Merit of Party organizations at all levels.

+ 2013: Certificate of Merit of VUSTA;

+ 2015: Being honored as the Typical Intellectual by Hanoi Union of Science and Technology Associations;

+ 2016: Certificate of Merit of VUSTA on the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Vietnam Foundry and Metallurgy Science and Technology Association (April 05, 1966 – April 05, 2016).

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