Hai Phong: Application of polluted lake water treatment technology by Bakture powder

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For enhanced cooperation in science and technology between Vietnam and Japan, the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations has a written proposal and was agreed by Hai Phong People's Committee to appoint Hai Phong Union of Science and Technology Associations as a contacting point in coordination with the Department of Construction, People's Committee of Kien An district to organize the program of receiving, introducing and applying polluted lake water treatment technology by Bakture power as funded by Japan Seibu Steel Group and Japan Vietnam Environment Improvement Joint Stock Company (JVE) to treat polluted water of Hanh Phuc lake, Kien An district, Hai Phong city in the morning of 17 May 2017. This is the first time that the Japan-funded polluted water treatment program by Bakture power has been implemented in Vietnam.

Representative of the manufacturer, Mr. Sugiyama Kouta said that Bakture powder is made from natural materials, such as pumice stone in form of foam honeycomb that helps promote self-cleaning of the environment by maximizing the capacity to decompose contaminants, harmful substances, etc by beneficial microorganisms available in the environment. The product has been patented in Japan and recognized by UNIDO for its utility in cleaning the environment. Bakture stands for "back to the nature" in English. This technology has successfully processed 300 contaminated sites across Japan including industrial wastewater areas, livestock facilities, polluted lakes and ponds and it has been introduced and tested in several Asian countries such as India, Laos, Indonesia and Thailand.

Prior to spraying Bakture powder for the treatment of polluted water in Hanh Phuc lake, at the hall, with the witness of all delegates, Mr. Sugiyama Kouta conducted a visual test with two samples of water taken at Lam Tuong Lake (Ong Bao lake) and Hanh Phuc lake. The odor index (ammonia) of the water sample taken at Lam Tuong Lake (Ong Bao lake) is 5.2; Hanh Phuc lake is 6.5. After 10 minutes of spraying Bakture powder, the measured index is 0. The clarity of water compared to the initial sample shows a big difference with naked eyes.

Regarding how long the clarity of Hanh Phuc lake water will be maintained, he said that it will be permanently clean after using Bakture powder and preventing wastewater from being discharged to the lake. Where wastewater is discharged to the lake, depending on the level of wastewater discharged to the lake, an additional amount of Bakture power will be sprayed to keep its water clean once per year on the basis of re-assessment. He also stressed that treatment of polluted water by this technology does not affect the ecosystem and aquatic species in water.

Speaking at the meeting. Dr.Sc. Nghiem Vu Khai, Vice President of VUSTA, National Assembly Delegate of Hai Phong Delegation affirmed that in the process of building Hai Phong to become a green city, Hai Phong pays special attention to and is ready to receive new and environment-friendly technologies, especially microbial technology without chemicals and toxic residues such as Bakture powder. He believed that the application will be sustainably effective.

Author: Minh Ngoc
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