The village where has many father and son are professor

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The village where has many father and son are professor

About Hanh Thien village (Hong Xuan, Xuan Truong, Nam Dinh), we all remember, it is the typical traditional academic village of Vietnam. Here, only in the modern era (after 1945) it has 36 professors, 24 Associate Professors, of which there are 5 People's Teachers and over two dozen Excellences Teachers.

 Only scientists according to the medical field, this village has 11 Professors and 9 Associate Professors. There is something very interesting in the village, there are many families continuing the noble tradition: from father to son, became Professor, Associate Professor, even succeeding his father in a specialized industry subjects. It is the parent class who followed the revolution, and grew up in the toughening of the new regime.

Abandon wealth to follow resistance

Probably the first to mention is the father of three children in Hanh Thien, former Professor - Dr. Dang Vu Hy. He was born in a wealthy landowner’s family. His grandfather was a famous government mandarin for being honest and compassionate, Mr. Dang Vu Tro, Nho Quan, Ninh Binh. In 1937, Mr. Dang Vu Hy graduated medical doctors in France and returned to country. As the son-in-law of Mr. Pham Quynh, with a doctor degree of famous hospital Saint Lazare in Paris, an affluent life with many good opportunities was opening up before him.

However, right after the August Revolution, with the intellectual heart of a patriot, he was determined to leave everything to follow President Ho Chi Minh, going to resistance lines. In 1955, after peace was restored, he was one of the few doctors who were first appointed Professor by the State. During his lifetime, he had great devotion in the prevention and treatment of leprosy, a disease previously considered "incurable disease". After his death, remembering his merits, his student put his statue in Central Leprosy - Dermatology Hospital (Quy Hoa, Binh Dinh). Nearly a quarter century after his death, in 1996 he was posthumously awarded the Ho Chi Minh Prize for Science and Technology phase I.

His son is a professorscientist, Dr. Dang Vu Minh, Chairman of Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Association, member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam Session 8, 9, 10; president of the Institute of Science and Technology Vietnam, member of Standing Committee, the Chairman of the Commission of Science, Technology and Environment of the National Assembly Session 12. He also received the State Prize in Science and Technology and was elected as foreign Academician of Academy of science of the Russian Federation.

Her daughter is Professor, People’s teacher, Dr. Dang Kim Chi, Deputy Director of the Institute of Sciences and Environmental Technology (Hanoi University of Science and Technology). She also had Kovalevskaya award. His son and daughter followed his father's tradition, many of them are doctors. Professor Hy and his family continuous contributed to the science of country on various areas of science.

Former Professor, Doctor, Major-General Pham Gia Trieu, Heroes of Armed Forces, former deputy director of the Army Central Hospital 108State Prize in 2000. He was a student who overcomes poverty and growth in two wars of the nation. In 1938, Pham Gia Trieu attended the Hanoi Medical University, in September 1945 when the revolution succeeded, after graduated doctor; he joined the Army Medical Corps with a major in Medical Surgical. When he took charge of a medical station at De tu Chien khu (Dong Trieu), the French surrounded and promised him to study the medical master degree in French with a luxury life. But he still rejected and tenacity to fight, to serve the Fatherland.

He has been in many places in the decisive moment: Border Campaign, Dien Bien Phu, Mau Than 1968 and Historical Ho Chi Minh Campaign. He had PhD of Medicine thesis in 1961 in the former Soviet Union. In 1963 he wrote the first book in Vietnam about neurosurgery - the book "Nerve injury". After this, he continued with a series of scientific papers on brain tumors, cerebral vascular disease and brain injury - the spinal column. In 1980, he was promoted to Professor as a leading expert of the medicine and then was awarded the title People's Physicians (1989). Perhaps he is also very proud to have children who succeeded his career. His son, Major-General, Associate Professor, Dr. Pham Hoa Binh is People's physician, deputy director of the Central Military Hospital 108 for surgery. Major General Hoa Binh also follows specialized neurosurgical that his father, Professor Pham Gia Million has pursued throughout his lifetime and also at the hospital 60 years ago.

The son who follow his father’s path

In addition to the family of Professor Pham Gia Trieu, in Hanh Thien village there are another father and son who pursue the same field and are well known, such as Professor Vu Khieu (Dang Vu Khieu), a great culture, Labor hero in renovation period, the Ho Chi Minh prize for social Sciences, former Vice chairman of the Social Sciences Committee Vietnam.

He was born in a family with academics tradition, his grandfather – Mr. Dang Vu Le was district education officer in Bac Ninh. When French invaded, he retired and opened school. Students loved him and gave him a Calligraphy painting “Hoc gia chi nam”, he was seem as a guide dance for scholars. Professor Vu Khieu conducted directly several research projects on cultural and popular social science, with thousands of pages are gathered in more than eighty works of high scientific value. Until today, strangely, even at the age of 99, he is still writing book very well with an eager joy, forgetting old age. He clearly is a great writer of the country's social science.

Professor has the eldest son, Sociology Professor - Dr. Dang Canh Khanh, one of first class basic training about this major in the industry. He was formerly Director of the Institute of Youth Studies of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and is considered to be the founder of youth sociology and youth education in our country. Daughter-in-law of Professor Vu Khieu, Mrs. Le Thi Quy, Dr Dang Canh Khanh’s wife is also a well-known professor of science education about gender and women. According to her, due to a long time  living with her husband her father -  Professor Vu Khieu in the tiny room 20m2 where many  guests of her husband often came to work and discussed about sciences so she improved her knowledge, the scientific world view and her study approach.

Former Professors - Dr. Dang Duc Trach, Labor Hero, People's Physicians, the State Prize in 2000 due to big contributions, left for Vietnam Medical background 95 scientific works. He was formerly Deputy Director of the Central Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, former President of the Vietnam Medical Association, (as the number one microbiologist of our country), members of the National Assembly Session 11 and former president of the Southeast Asia Medical Association.

Son of Professor Trach is now Professor, medical doctor, Deputy Director of the Central Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, where his father had worked all life-time. Still young but Prof – Dr. Dang Duc Anh had many scientific works which were appreciated as research on cholera vaccines, rotavirus diarrhea vaccine and this work has been published in the renowned scientific journal in the world.

In Hanh Thien village, there are some cases both husband and wife are professor, and also dozens of pairs who are doctor. The village also has over 190 doctors of science and doctors ...There are not even to mention who are the bride, groom and those who residing abroad are Professor, Associate Professor.

Hanh Thien village from several hundred years has forged a noble and simple life. Here, generations passed down to their descendants a way of thinking, according to Professor Vu Khieu "In my village, wealthy is not necessarily respected as education. Even the rich are more likely underestimate. The wealthier families who has good daughter are often given in marriage to the scholar who even have less money. Pretty girls usually love the scholar, not just because hopefully her husband will have honor title. Examination passed or failed, it was by chance, but educated people tend to live a loving life ".

Translated by Nga Nguyen

Author: Quoc Phong
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