New technology in hospital wastewater treatment

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New technology in hospital wastewater treatment

The scientists of the Institute of Environmental Technology, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology, has developed and perfected a new wastewater treatment technology for hospital that has many advantages, is suitable with the conditions of Vietnam, and can overcome most of the disadvantages of the above-mentioned technology.

That is the technology treated with bio-filter drip method improvements, with the natural gas supply. Bio-filter drip is a biological filter with exposing material not submerged into the water. Wastewater is divided into small membrane material flows through the biological buffer, and thanks to the presence of aerobic microorganisms on membrane that the organic material in the wastewater is removed.

Waste water treatment system for hospitals and medical purposes of the Institute of Environmental Technology has investment and operation costs, construction area lower than conventional biological methods. On the other hand, its operation process is very simple; the system is operated easily and completely automatically by the control system. Bio-filter drip technology was based on the biological treatment processes that occur in closed form towers with natural ventilation, so it does not need to be aerated with air pumps as other technologies. Therefore, the bio-filter drip maintaining the growth and development of microorganisms even when the power is out, or when the power supply is not stable, while other filter technologies (such as submerged biological filter, filter biological device blocks, device batch biological and circulating activated sludge) requires regular air supply with air blower (large power consumption, noisy, and can also play spread the bacteria into the surrounding environment).

More advantages of waste water treatment technology for hospitals and medical purposes of the  Environmental Institute of Technology is that the entire system of equipment and materials were produced or available in the country, so maintenances, additional supplements or replacements of biological buffer material after 10-15 years of operation is very easy with a very low cost.

After being treated with bio-filter drip method, wastewater will be sludge-removed in separation Lamell tank. Sludge is treated in the anaerobic digester. The ending process is the stage of disinfection. Institute of Environmental Technology also develops and produces sodium hypochlorite disinfectant from salt water by electrochemical method. This is the application of advanced technology in the world, environmentally friendly, low cost, and does not use chemicals as a source of raw materials.

Application of research results into practice, Institute of Environmental Technology transferred the  technology, constructed and installed dozens of similar systems using this technology in many hospitals, food processing industries such as dairy processing, alcohol processing... and has obtained very good results such as Tuyen Quang Hospital (Q = 330 m3/day capacity), Tuberculosis Hospital of Thai Nguyen (Q = 160 m3/day), Hospital C Thai Nguyen (Q = 360 m3/day), Hospital A in Thai Nguyen (Q = 360 m3/day), General Hospital Quynh Phu in Thai Binh (Q = 130 m3/day), neuropsychiatric Hospital Hung Yen (Q = 150 m3/day), Moc Chau milk plant (Q = 250 m3/day), Quang Binh Province police Headquarters (Q = 50 m3/day), Milk Joint Stock Company in Hanoi, Hanoi milk (Q = 300 m3/day) ...

And most recently, on 17/07/2012, waste water treatment system with improved biological filtration technology of the Environment Institute of Technology for People's Army Hospital in Dong Thap province was inaugurated and put into use. The system has a capacity of 130m3/day, processing quality achieve QCVN 28:2010, level A. This is the result of cooperation in science and technology development between Vietnam Institute of Science and Technology and the People's Committee of Dong Thap Province.

We can say that, hospital wastewater treatment using biological trickling filter method is an effective method, suitable to the conditions of Vietnam, to help solve the economic and environmental problem of hospitals in our country today.

Hospital wastewater is a source of serious environmental pollution, due to a great amount of organic content, special nutrients and contains many bacteria, pathogenic viruses. In Vietnam, scientists have researched, developed many hospital wastewater treatment technologies as an aerobic biological contact, activated sludge technology in traditional aeroten pool, SBR-aerobic treatment batch, submerged bio-filter, AAO technologies, biofilm MBR technology, etc. However, this technology requires high investment costs, and is difficult in operation.

Translated by Nga Nguyen


Author: By Bich Diep (according to Doctor Zheng Van Tuyen, Institute of Environmental Technology) -
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