Made-in-Vietnam electric car

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Made-in-Vietnam electric car

The WOW Electric Car Joint Stock Company (WOW) has succesfully manufactured a new line of electric cars used in tourist areas, industrial areas, airports, golf courses, and residential areas.

WOW business manager Nguyen Thi Tuyet Trinh said WOW cars are of the same quality but one third as expensive as imported products.

Most of the parts, especially the design and the bodywork of the cars, are made in Vietnam, she added.

WOW are producing different models of two-, four-, six-, and eight-seater cars with oil hydraulic braking system and a handbraking system for emergencies. The one-direction engine will ensure stable operation of the vehicle in all terrains.

The one-ton car has a range of 150-180 kilometers with one charge and the smart charging system will automatic shut off one the battery are full. It also has headlights, backlights, signals and windscreen wipers.

WOW electric cars has been used for commercial purpose in some tourist areas and industrial areas across the country.

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