Made-in-Vietnam 5 degrees of freedom robot

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Made-in-Vietnam 5 degrees of freedom robot

This system is the first 5 degrees of freedom robot made by Vietnam to be applied into the training at colleges and universities. The author paid more than 2 billion dongs out of his pocket (with more than 800 million dongs supported by the State) to make the robot. Except for a few foreign electronic components (due to the domestic non-manufacturability), the rest machine parts of the robot are made of the domestic components.

Engr. Lê Anh Kiệt, Director of AKB Mechanical Engineering Company (District 7, Ho Chi Minh City), the author of the 5 degrees of freedom robot, says that the robotic system can be expand to the 6 grades of freedom for the application in industrial production (gripping products). The quality of this robot is equivalent to the imported equipment with the price of 200 million dongs per each, only about 45 - 50% compared to the external robot. The 5 degrees of freedom robot used for training has the main technical parameters are as follows: 15 kg in weight; vertical swivel robot; working radius of about 610 mm; maximum speed of 600 mm/s; the repeatable accuracy of about 0.8 mm; the biggest load of 1 kg; the DC motor or pneumatic transmission hand grip, etc. The robot system has an openness design to help students and learners program the external controls. The robot’s simulation software is the 3D image so that it could work online (at the same time with the real robot) and offline on a PC without the robot. This feature allows participants and students can learn robot programming without equipping a number of real robots.

According to Engr. Lê Anh Kiệt, the origin of the idea to research and make the robot is aimed at creating the technology initiative. After more than one year of intensive research and design, the research team of Engr. Lê Anh Kiệt produced 14 products of 5 degrees of freedom robot. The robots has been all transferred to the international universities (National University of Ho Chi Minh City), Tôn Đức Thắng University, University of Transport, College of Information Technology of Ho Chi Minh City, Gallery of the Ho Chi Minh city Hi-tech Park, and University of Technical Education of Ho Chi Minh City  in the next time.

Engr. Trần Quốc Bình, from Department of Automation – College of Information Technology of Ho Chi Minh City, comments: “After a period of using the 5 degrees of freedom robots manufactured by the AKB company and applying them into teaching, we find that the robots is stable in operation, easy to use, and practical to help students better understand lessons on robotics (automatic control), such as the contents of moving, gripping, and dropping objects. The robot’s software has many advantages because it can be expanded into many experiments for students.” MSc. Kiều Trung Liêm, head of the Telecommunications Laboratory of the Ho Chi Minh City International University says that he is asking the AKB Company to extend the time to borrow robots so that the students practicing in the Telecommunications Laboratory could complete all unfinished experiments.

Engr. Lê Anh Kiệt expects to produce about 30 specialized training robots to explore the market (the company has already produced 14 robots and another 16 in the next time). After the robot serving the training field, the team of Engr. Lê Anh Kiệt is about to produce the robotic applications in industrial production. An estimated 30 specialized training robots will be all commercialized in the training establishments, and about 1 year the payback is possible. With the number of robots, the budget state is expected to save nearly 9 billion dongs of importing robots.

Translated by Nga Nguyen

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