Vifotec award 2016 brings high effectiveness to the electric power industry

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Vifotec award 2016 brings high effectiveness to the electric power industry

In current age, electrical power quality is among the top interests and has ever great meaning to the socio-economic development, particularly, this is the factor directly affecting the production and business of enterprises.

One of important tasks of electrical power grid managers is to obtain operation parameters on low-votage grid, thereby, the grid can be supervised and optimal solutions for operation mechanism would be introduced, which provide customers the best electric quality, minimizing technical loss and balancing phase.

In order to optimize the management and operation, it is necessary to acquire database, however, the investment in the whole system takes a great amount including the equipment for each branch of the public transformer station, information transmission system, online monitoring via timeline etc. In addition, the Server system and its clients must be comprehensive to capture data and process the analysis and assessment, this also requires the human resources to be qualified enough to operate the system.

For above difficulties, it is necessary to create a practical equipment to follow operation data of electrical grid, status of the system for the supervision of grid quality so that the operator can promptly make good decision, fully support the management and production of electrical power industry in current period and in the future.

Basing on the experience in power grid operation in Vietnam and the study and research in electronic products serving for electrical power industry, the Central Power Electronic Measurement Equipment Manufacturing Centre, lead by M.A. Tran Dung and the associates studied for a long time and introduced the solution “Research, design the equipment supervising parameters of operation of low-voltage grid for management and trading of electricity of power industry”.

The innovation and creativity of the product

This is the first product manufactured by Vietnamese enterprise with an aim to supervise parameter of operation of low-voltage grid for management and trading of electricity of power industry. The product is based on practical operation condition of power grid in Vietnam, it is therefore distinguishable and differed from other countries’ products.

The product has smart supervising function and also routing function, which includes automatically reading indicators, operating parameters, combining with the ability to send distant warnings regarding loss of each route/branch.

The equipment is installed, operated safely, reliably and flexibly and also ensures the trouble shooting promptly during the operation. It helps the operator to manage and assess as well as make timely adjustment in order to optimize power grid quality such as loading, solving abnormal events on low-voltage grid, etc…

It helps to modernize electricity business in collecting operation parameters, contributing to the development of information system serving power market; meeting the requirements of roadmap for smart power grid of EVN.

It creates equipment to collect and supervise parameters of power grid from far distance automatically at the frequency of 408,925 MHz without manually measuring the grid at site; improving productivity, minimizing risks for laborers in checking power grid at site.

It automatically collects parameters of power grid from far distance at any period or periodically upon programmed system. It helps the operator to supervise and follow operation status of power grid, monitoring power quality, supporting loss supervision, enabling power-on-phase diagnostics upon any segment for each specific customer. It also helps to manage phase balancing, optimizing solutions for technical matters in power supply.

It programs the construction of control and monitor interface which is suitable with the demand of management and operation of low-voltage power grid, and compatible with available equipment infrastructure and the use demand of power stations. It also helps to overcome the limitations in management and operation, bring into full play the creativeness, make full use of inner-strength of power industry in research, application of modern electronic measurement and control technology.

It improves the accuracy, safety and affectiveness of energy metering system of the power industry; contributes to the reduction of power losses by enhancing grid monitoring capability, bringing the latest technology for modernization of information system of the power industry.

Socio-economic effectiveness

The use of monitoring equipment brings efficiency for labor in the power sector, workers have no longer to go to each place to measure the actual data monthly. The number of employees required for production processes is much lower than that in the past, and productivity and labor efficiency for the power sector has increased significantly. In addition, minimizing such personnel is also cost-effective, thereby optimizing production costs and trading electricity.

The equipment enables the management unit to operate, especially the electricity monitoring and inspection department to monitor the operation status of the power grid, quickly detect errors in the power system, abnormal events on the low-voltage grid to handle promptly, determine the rate of loss of the substations and identify the status of operation of the substations from time to time quickly and accurately. The monitoring device plays the role of a quality analyzer for power grid. The design of three-phase meter combining with convenient clamp-mounted variable currents, the device is capable of detecting abnormalities of the grid/branch such as high-voltage/low-voltage , non-loading/full-loading, power surge, phase loss, phase shift, inappropriate power factor, distortion, etc. Many monitoring devices connected to each other and, most importantly, all of their data are stored in real time and can be gathered in the shortest amount of time to serve the monitoring and analysis through the user interface, which will create a quality control network for both buyer and supplier of electricity. The product is fully compatible with the specifications of grid connection standards in Vietnam, without any obstacle in the installation, execution and putting into use. In addition, the device also has the task of routing RF-Mesh networks. Monitoring the operation of the power grid, from which capture the quality of power grid/power source to help power companies make timely decisions in the work of circulating electrical system to obtain high-quality electric power. To serve the production and life, avoid unnecessary incidents, thus contribute to reduce losses for the power industry and the society. It provides solutions to improve the satisfaction of customers using electricity through timely troubleshooting, contributing to the improvement of power quality, saving national energy. In addition, these solutions are to meet the needs of building information systems for the electricity market; and provide EVN's roadmap for construction of smart grid. The monitoring equipment not only meets domestic demand but also foreign one, contributing to increasing the localization rate of high-tech products manufactured domestically and creating more jobs for people, reducing trade deficit for the country. At the same time, it also contributes to the promotion of the research and application of modern electronic measurement and control technology to Vietnamese officials, engineers and specialists; to raise the level of cadres and engineers in accessing and using modern technologies. The self-study and creation of a complete solution for the automatic data collection will create good reputation for the country in the region regarding the ability of self-research, design and manufacture capability, high-tech electronic products.

Ability of application

The equipment has passed the test and acceptance of quality in Song Cong City Power Affiliate - Thai Nguyen Power Company. Having passed the time of operation, the product has proved the accuracy and stability in the environment of the low-voltage grid, fully met the technical requirements, allowed monitoring, controlling the power quality, to support the supervision of losses, contributing to improve the efficiency of electricity business of Thai Nguyen Power Company. Since the installation of monitoring equipment, Song Cong City Power Affiliate has no longer to process actual measurement at its stations. The equipment has also been ordered and replicated in the power industry all over the country.
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